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Wood Burning (220V) Quick Start Kit - Colwood Detailer plus 5 Tips

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US NO TAX, Part #: WB-220PACK1
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Units are designed to operate ONLY on 220/240 Voltage.

It is NOT intended for use in countries, such as the United States, where 120V is the standard.

Get started burning with Colwood's USA Made original unit and top seller - The Detailer

This time-tested tabletop design features a lighted on/off switch, a terminal barrier for strong connections but easy cord changes, and a handpiece clip on the top.

This standard kit includes a Replaceable Tip Handpiece, EZ Tip Puller, Cleaning Cloth, Honing Paper, PLUS the


This Starter Wood Burning pack includes:

WB-DETAILER - The Colwood Detailer

WB-20 - Standard 5 Tip Package: 1/4" Skew (B), Writing Tip (C), 3/16" Small Round (D), 1/8" Tight Round (J), and 3/16" Shader (S).

WB-02 - 1 Replaceable Tip Handpiece

WB-03 - EZ Tip Puller Completely eliminates any difficulty in removing the RT tip from the RT handle. Just squeeze and pull - it's EZ! Safely remove still hot and pointy tips!

WB-04 - Cleaning Cloth - Used for cleaning the tips without creating undue wear or removing of metal.

WB-05 - Honing Paper - Used to clean off Residue or Carbon Buildup on the Tips! Rough enough to slightly ware at tips metal, so use carefully!

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