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Tuff Trucks - Aschi's Workshop - Woodworking Patterns

Find "Tuff" trucks, and more patterns below. Ensure you select all the parts necessary for your pattern.

  • Tuff Truck  American Custom Big Rig Woodworking Pattern
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  • Heavy Dump Truck Woodworking Pattern - Tuff Truck
    Click for Details
  • Tuff Truck Flatbed Truck and Trailer
    Click for Details
  • 3 Hooded / Bonneted Road Tractors
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  • Tough Truck Tow Truck Complete Wooden Model
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  • One-Way Pallet
    One-Way Pallet Woodworking Pattern $2.00
    Our Part Number: AW-247
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  • Tuff Truck 40 ft Stake Trailer
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