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John and Donna Shaw

" Iíd like to share my scroller husbandís story. 25 years ago, he built a woodshop on our farm. That shop initially produced our kitchen cabinets, a few handy baskets, and some other odds and ends. My uncle gave him an old scroll saw, and it didnít take long for him to acquire some serious skills with it. He introduced me to the bandsaw, and we both began hobbies that we still enjoy today.

Over the years, we started by cutting animal shapes for our local elementary school for rewards for good deeds, attendance, achievements, and holidays. By now, they would number in the thousands! I love to see former students who invariable tell me they still have the cut-outs I made for then in elementary school!†We branched out to cut animal shapes for a fundraiser our grandchildren take part in annually for a sportsmanís club to build a childrenís playground and to provide programs for the kids.

We have been doing craft shows for 11 years. We have both upgraded our saws a few times. After the first few years, we decided to use our proceeds from our most successful show to give to two charities that meant a lot to us. To honor our son who actively serves full time in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, we donated 50% to Wounded Warriors. And because of Johnís recent diagnosis of Parkinsonís Disease, we wanted to donate 50% to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsonís Disease to search for new treatments, and hopefully, a cure.

It is due to research that Johnís PD symptoms are under control and he is able to continue being so active. He is an avid hunter, takes pride in maintaining our home and fields, and of course, he is a prolific woodworker. For the last several years, we have moved to give 100% of our proceeds from the Rural Valley Pumpkin Festival to MJF Foundation, so far totaling just under $8,000.

Not bad for a hobby that we enjoy so much! "

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