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#12 Pegas Scroll Band Saw Blade

Average rating:
average rating 86%
6 reviews
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Part #: BSB-12
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#12 Bandsaw Blade (8.9 TPI)

These blades are manufactured on current state-of-the-art equipment using the best steel available in the world. The geometry of Pegas blades has been carefully studied to eliminate vibrations during the cutting process and to produce a high-quality finish for hard and soft woods up to 6" thick. 

They enable risk-free cutting of very tight curves with a radius below 3/32."

Click here to purchase the corresponding bearing.

Average rating:
average rating 86%
6 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Just. Wow. 04/17/2020
By Lori Corbett
I broke the blade on my Pegas bandsaw (user malfunction, not the saw). I ordered 2 more blades, just in case - you know - if I get hit with the StupidStick, again, I won't be dead in the water. They arrived within days. I also received some helpful tips on how not to do it again. Back in business, and my mondo awesome saw sings.
average rating 60%
I like the Pegas scroll band saw 04/14/2021
By jean pfantz
slight for my pegas scroll band....magnets not strong enough to keep lamp where I want it. I ordered 4 blades...they only had 1....3 are backordered.
I had and still have a question about my Pegas....never get a call back from Mike
average rating 100%
Happy customer 03/23/2023
By Dennis Dan
Thankfully, these plades were in stock and was shipped very fast. I am very happy to have received them this fast. Got my saw all set up and I’m cutting would like crazy thank you once again,
average rating 100%
satisfied 04/17/2021
By Robert Navarrete

did you get new shipment of pegas bandsaw blade #12?
average rating 60%
did not get blades yet 04/11/2022
By Thomas Semplinski
did not get blades yet
average rating 100%
happy 01/26/2024
By charles thompson
all good
Sizing and Selection Guide
The bandsaw ships with bearings to fit #9 and #12 blades.

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