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Scroll Saw Blades - German Made by Niqua

Buying Better Scroll Saw Blades Saves You Money - And Makes Scrolling More Fun!

Niqua are some of the most popular blades on the market.  Made in Germany.

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Niqua Highlights come from the experience of make jewelers equipment. 
1)  Spiral Blades with Flat Ends for easier install, 
2) The wildly popular ULTRA Reverse that features a fast cut with every third tooth reversed for quick, clean cutting.
3) Top quality with precision heat treatment for durability and cutting control.

»Read Steve Good's intro to Niqua Blades

Ultra Reverse Blades feature every third tooth positioned to cut on the upstroke, leading to greater efficiency with your cut.  Spiral Scroll Saw Blades cut in all directions, allowing you to move the wood around the scroll saw blade.