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Bear Woods is proud of Isaac Dinesen and also grateful for the dozens and dozens of other woodworkers around
North America who helped us make more than 1000 Toys in 1 Day!

Isaac sat at the scroll saw for 10 hours. Michael Anthony Murray of Miter Mike's Woodshop did the same. We were joined by many more who made little wooden toys, including our friend Bob Duncan.

Thanks Steve Good of Scroll Saw Workshop for the patterns and for helping spread the word.

50 woodworkers combined efforts on one day to make over 2000 toys for kids.

Here's a little look into the work.

Partner with us today and help a Charitable Woodworker or School of your choice

Sickness and Poverty are not Seasonal.

Many woodworkers put in countless hours and dollars to help make toys or other projects designed to bring joy to kids.
Whether it is raising money through sales, or straight donations. These inspiring people deserve to have as many of their costs covered as possible.

That's where we can all help.

At Bear Woods Supply, we want to help inspire youth to work with wood, to make things, to find solutions to problems, and learn how to use tools.
Woodworking classes are a great alternative from cell phones and other electronics.
Classes also inspire so many areas of the brain and are so invaluable to our youth.

By increasing funding to local schools, you will help teachers to expand their programs and increase participation.



Bear Woods will match your donation (up to $50)
+ Send a gift certificate to the local school you have designated or to the woodworker's cause you have indicated.

During November the Campaign is a bit different - Read on.
Select an organization/charity below and click "Add to Cart" (tax will not be applied).

To donate $5, add Quantity of 1.

To donate $10, add Quantity of 2, etc.

Each of these programs or woodworkers were supported during our November Bear Woods Gives Campaign

We donated $50 and many of our customers also donated. 

Year round we'll feature different opportunities to give or get involved.


We would love to hear from you! We will do our best to help also!

Please Contact Us and send as much info as you can!

Want to be connected to a group that is doing charitable work so you can help out? We'd like to hear from you and do our best to make a connection.

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