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Shop a selection of high quality bits and burs

High Speed Bits, Cutting Wheels, Carbide Burs,  Diamond Bits and High Speed Steel - curated selection - proven quality.

Variety of Burs for carving, polishing and finishing.

High-Speed Steel Burs
The most economical caving burs, these are sharp precision burs.
With proper use, these bits will stay sharp much longer than the inexpensive burs you find in home improvement stores.
The main advantage of high-speed steel burs (in addition to being cost effective) is the wide variety of sizes and shapes available.

Diamond Burs
The long-lasting diamond abrasive embedded in these burs make them a good choice for carving details and smooth rough spots.
With proper cleaning, you can use these burs to carve wood, stone, glass, metal, and a variety of other surfaces.

Carbide Burs
The longest lasting burs, if you keep them clean, they will last years.
The shape of the flutes on these burs cut fast, but leave a smooth, clean surface.
These burs come in the most popular sizes and shapes.

Cleaning - see below for the ultimate in cleaning for your carving burs - also works for eyeglasses, and is a powerful jewelry cleaner.

Shop our selection of high quality bits and burs.  If you find anything in the Grobet USA catalog you would like, please just let us know and we'll be happy to make arrangements.