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Pre-Glued Dowel Pins, USA Made at wholesale prices

Now available at Bear Woods Supply - convenient bags of 100 in the most popular sizes of pre-glued birch fluted dowel pins.

pre-glued wood dowel pins

Pre-glued dowel pins bring remarkable convenience as they provide quick and easy joining without additional glue. Remember to increase your diameter tolerances for width of the glue by about 0.1 or 0.2mm. 

Available in Fractional and Metric Sizes? We can supply pre-glued dowel pins in metric and fractional sizes in both spiral-grooved and multi-grooved (also known as fluted) dowel pin types for use in various woodworking applications.

How do pre-glued dowel pins work? Pre-glued dowel pins are coated with a Type 1 re-moisturizing PVA wood glue that is water activated.

Benefits: Replace your wood glue with water to activate the glue on the pre-glued dowel pins.  Benefit from 100% glue coverage for superior holding strength. You can likely realize significant savings and increased production as you eliminate production stoppages caused by glue buildup and squeeze out.

Looking for quantities of 1000 or more in a particular size?  We can help!  Just Contact Us for a quotation and we'll be sure to get you excellent pricing.

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