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Wooden Dowel Caps & Closet Pole Sockets

Wooden dowel caps put the finishing touch on the ends of dowel rods.  Dowel Caps are used to add detail to banners, scrolls, curtain rods, toys and so much more.

Buy wood dowel caps | Bear Woods Supply

Bear Woods Supply carries a large selection of wooden dowel caps and decorative wood cap ends for our wooden dowel rods. 

Wooden Dowel Caps are used to cover the end of a dowel rod. We also have decorative finials that can cover the end of a wood dowel. Dowel caps are round wooden balls that have a hole drilled part of the way through.

Project idea - make wooden scroll invitations - select wooden dowels - 2 per scroll, and then add your wooden dowel caps from below to make fantastic invitations for weddings, showers, anniversaries and more!

Also available from Bear Woods Supply:

  • Wooden Closet Pole Sockets / Supports - Hang Closet rods or interior wall hanging of curtain rods
  • Doll Pins and Dolls Head Beads plus stands - Dolls Head Beads are similar to Wooden Dowel Caps


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