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Swiss Made Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades

Modified geometry Scroll Saw Blades5" Plain End Modified Geometry Scrollsaw Blades by Pegas

Modified Geometry Teeth (MGT) are widely considered the best blade on the market. The specific tooth design makes this blade EXTREMELY EFFICIENT; tolerates aggressive feed rates, avoids overheating, leaves a smooth finish, no splinters.

Scroll Saw Blades Testimonial Steve Good Scrollsaw Workshop

Customer review 2012-12-27 on SSB-67
By Dave O'Brien
I do a lot of scroll sawing and I am very impressed with the modified geometry scroll saw blades. I highly recommend them. They are my go to blades

StockNo No # Thick Width TPI Cutting Trace (Inch) Optimal Thickness for
recommended material
Inch (mm)
SSB-67 2/0R .0087" .0236" 15.4 .0098" 1/4-2/5"  (6-10mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 68 .0310"
SSB-68 1R .0102" .030" 13.7 .0114" 1/3-3/5"  (8-15mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 68 .0310"
SSB-683 3R .0126" .0335" 12.4 .0142" 1/3-4/5"  (8-20mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 60 .0400"
SSB-69 5R .0142" .0402" 11.3 .0161" 1/3-1"  (8-25mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 56 .0465"
SSB-70 7R .0157" .0488" 10.4 .0181" 2/5-1.06"  (10-30mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 54 .0550"
SSB-71 9R .0173" .0512" 9.6 .0205" 1/2-1.39"  (12-35mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 52 .0635"
SSB-72 12R .0197" .061" 8.6 .0236" 3/5-4/7"  (15-40mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 47 .0785"


Pégas saw blades are manufactured in Switzerland from high quality carbon steel and contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications. Pégas also makes use of a proven fabricating process that produces crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth. All the blades are heat treated and tempered to maintain uniform grain structure and to achieve the highest hardness possible. This process creates long lasting durable blades, making them the finest in the world. Additionally, all Pégas scroll saw blades are capable of performing in power saw applications.

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

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