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Sample Packs of Pegas and Niqua Scroll Saw Blades

The best way to choose which blades are best is to try a variety.  You will also want to take a look at the Pegas Scroll Saw Blade Selection Chart.

Scroll Saw Blades Testimonial Steve Good Scrollsaw Workshop     Compare Scroll Saw Blades for the best quality | Bear Woods Supply     

Learn what Pegas & Niqua the most commonly recommended scroll saw blades:

Pegas Highlights come from perfect heat treatment and precise teeth formation. 1) Perfectly set teeth to ensure accurate cutting and a clean, smooth finish, 2) Precision stamped, tooth by tooth for straight cuts, 3) Perfect heat treatment means they are hard yet not fragile, 4) Stay sharp longer and last longer, 5) Quieter with less vibration or burning.

What makes Pegas® Blades Cut Straighter?

​Pegas® scroll saw blades teeth are perfectly and equally set (right & left) which enables the blade to cut straight.  If this setting is not properly mastered, the blade deviates. This is what happens with most of our competitors' saw blades. The user has to compensate for the deviation by holding the sawed item at a certain angle. This way of sawing is unnatural and the result cannot be compared to an item sawed with a Pegas® saw blade.

Niqua Highlights come from the experience of make jewelers equipment. 1)  Spiral Blades with Flat Ends for easier install, 2) The wildly popular ULTRA Reverse that features a fast cut with every third tooth reversed for quick, clean cutting. 3) Top quality with precision heat treatment for durability and cutting control.

»Read Steve Good's intro to Niqua Blades (Niqua Makes Flying Dutchman)

Take a look at the magnification image above - you can actually see the difference in quality of the steel.   (Flying Dutchman are made by Niqua)
Steve Good compares Olsen Scroll Saw Blades, Bosch Blades, Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades, and Skil with our Pegas brand scroll saw blades.


Pegas Scroll Saw BladesPremium Swiss Made Blades Scroll Saw Blades Flying Dutchman NiquaSuperior German Made Blades Scroll Saws and Attachments»Scroll Saws & Scroll Saw Accessories Buy scroll Saw PatternsHundreds of Scroll Saw Patterns
Scroll Down for Sample Packs or head to the bottom of the page to Shop by Type    Scroll Down for Sample Packs, or head to the bottom of the page to Shop by Type  Scroll Saw Accessories Pegas⇓ Scrollers Micro Drill Bits, Pegas Blade Clamps & Scroll Saw Sanding Belts ⇓ Intermediate to Advanced $10 Value Packs and $2 Puzzles
Scroll Saw BladesClick Here to Download the
Pegas Blade Selection Chart 

»Read Steve Good's intro to Niqua Blades (Niqua Makes Flying Dutchman)

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