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Scroll Saw Blades - Swiss made by Pegas

Made in Switzerland, Pégas scroll saw blades are precision cut from high quality carbon steel and contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications.

We have zero complaints about these scroll saw blades, and many woodworkers tell us they will never go back after trying our scrollsaw blades!

Pégas makes use of a proven fabricating process that produces crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth. All the blades are heat treated and tempered to maintain uniform grain structure and to achieve the highest hardness possible. This process creates long lasting durable blades, making them the finest in the world. Additionally, all Pégas scroll saw blades are capable of performing in power saw applications. 

 How to shop - Browse the Types of Scroll Saw Blades by selecting an option below.  The types of scroll saw blades we carry include: 

Within in each type you will find a selection of TPI and blade thicknesses.  You can also read on the benefits of each type of blade and typical wood working application.

Are you new to scroll sawing? Check out these great How To Scroll Saw Videos.

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