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Continuous Sweep Clock Movements

Virtually silent clock mechanisms bring a new dimension to clock making projects.

Upgrade to silent clock motors with these quality USA made clock motors that run in a sweeping motion, and thus eliminate the stepping sound made by a traditional quartz movement with step second hand.

Shopping Tips:

1) Mini Continuous Sweeping Clock Movements come with free mounting hardware PLUS your choice of free clock hands.  Scroll below for the 3 shaft lengths that accommodate up to 1/2" clock face material.  The Mini Clock Motors will drive hands up to 4-1/2" long.

2) High Torque Continuous Sweep Clock Mechanisms will run hands up to 17-3/4" long - these hands cost extra, and all are quality made in the US.  High Torque Mechanisms come with mounting hardware.

3) Below you will find sweep second hands - balanced hands in red or black designed exclusively for our High Torque Continuous Sweep motors.  Add a second hand to designs that feature hour hands 10" and above - you'll see these motors at swimming pools.To see the entire selection of High Torque Movements and Hands click here.

What Customers say:

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