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Thanks to everyone who entered! Here's our list if winners. If you see your name, watch your email.

  1. $250 Bear Woods Gift Card - Danielle C. of Alice, TX
  2. 2 Gallon Epoxy Gift Pack from MAS Epoxies - Savannah M of Tucson, AZ
  3. Hangman Wall Hangers Prize Pack - Manuel V. of Allen, TX
  4. $150 Bear Woods Gift Card - Austin C. of Phoenix, AZ
  5. 1 Gallon MAS Epoxies Prize Pack - Kayleigh W. of Chesapeake, VA
  6. Hangman Hangers Prize Pack - Jade M. of Creemore, ON
  7. $100 Bear Woods Gift Card - Lori D. of Comox, BC
  8. 2 Quart MAS Epoxies Prize Pack - Sandy C. of Fort Wayne, IN
  9. Hangman Hangers Prize Pack - Richard H. of Omaha, NE

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