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Cup Hooks and Shoulder Hooks, Screw Eyelets

We stock a large selection Brass Plated Cup Hooks and Shoulder Hooks at extra low prices.

Guide to our stock of screw eyes / screw eye hooks

Stock No. Finish Hole Diameter Total Length Thread Length Wire Diameter
SE-29 Zinc 3mm 11mm 5mm 1.2mm
SE-29B Brass 3mm 11mm 5mm 1.2mm
SE-31 Zinc 3.5mm 13mm 6mm 1.6mm
SE-33 Zinc 4mm 16mm 7mm 1.6mm
SE-35 Zinc 4mm 14mm 7mm 1.8mm
SE-39 Zinc 4mm 21mm 10mm 2mm
SE-41 Zinc 5mm 19mm 6mm 2.2mm
SE-43 Zinc 5mm 20mm 6mm 2.5mm
SE-45 Zinc 5mm 25mm 10mm 2.5mm
SE-49 Zinc 6mm 25mm 12mm 3.3mm
SE-51 Zinc 6mm 39mm 16mm 3.3mm
SE-53 Zinc 6mm 30mm 16mm 4mm
SE-55 Zinc 7mm 35mm 16mm 7mm

buy cup hooks and shoulder hooks brass plated | Bear Woods Supply

We are certain you will not find a better price on cup hooks, shoulder hooks and screw eyes, so shop with confidence!

Shopping Tips:

1) All prices are Per 100 Screw Eye Hooks, Cup Hooks or Shoulder Hooks.

2) At the bottom of this page you will find detailed comparisons of our screw eye hooks.

3) Order more to save more - wholesale pricing by volume listed below.

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