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Picture Frame Clock Inserts

Bear Woods Round Picture Frame Inserts listed by size

Common Questions

and tips for choosing Clock Inserts

Clock inserts for replacements repairs and new clocks are quick and simple to use.  With the inner clock mechanisms of a wristwatch, clock fit-ups are all you need to add a sophisticated and quality clock component to your project. Each year we supply tens of thousands of high quality clock inserts as replacement parts and to complete new clock projects

  • How to shop for clock inserts at Bear Woods Supply

    1) Choose from the size options listed below - sizes are listed by outside diameter of the clock insert. The hole size that each fits will be listed on the page of clock inserts you are looking at, as well as the type of battery.

    2) Within each size you will find lots of styles and combinations of Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, fancy faces, gold, silver and black bezels, white faces, ivory faces and gold clock faces.

    3) Matching picture frame inserts and weather instruments are listed by size.

  • What's included?

    1) Browse a variety of clock faces and styles and bezel color within each size option.
    2) Plus Picture Frame Inserts, Thermometers and Barometers available in a few sizes.
    3) Mix and Match for Better Quantity Pricing (Within Each Size, up to 3-1/2")

  • How to Choose Clock Inserts / Fitups

  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match clock inserts within a size category to receive the listed discount prices. Premium inserts do not apply.

  • Clock Inserts 1-7/16 inch | Bear Woods Supply

    Mini Picture Frame 1-7/16 Clock Fitup

    Average rating:
    average rating 90%
    Priced From To

    Part #: Q-77
  • Clock Inserts 2 inch | Bear Woods Supply

    2" Picture Frame Case - Gold bezel

    Average rating:
    average rating 98%
    Priced From To

    Part #: QF-99
  • Gold Bezel custom clock face

    Picture Frame Clock Insert style 3-5/8" Gold

    Priced From To

    Part #: Q-95

Clock inserts and fit-ups in 37mm | Bear Woods Supply

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