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Fantastic Selection + Guaranteed Low Pricing for Wood Plugs & Wood Mushroom Buttons Caps

USA Made. Choose from hundreds of combinations of type, size, and species of wood screw hole plugs, wood bungs, wood hole buttons.

wood plugs, buttons, screwhole covers | Bear Woods Supply

Shop here for the largest inventory of End Grain Mushroom Style Wood Plugs, Flat Head Wood Plugs and Round Head (Oval) Wood Plugs in the USA. In addition we stock Side Grain and End Grain Floor Plugs, and Stair Plugs.

USA Made Wood Plugs Shopping Tips:

1) Browse by type of wood plugs.  Choose End Grain or Side Grain, Mushroom Buttons, Stair and Wood Floor Plugs

2) Then select your species / type of wood.  Birch | Oak | Maple | Walnut | Ash | Beech | Cherry | Mahogany | Pine | Hickory | Poplar + Ipe and Teak by Special Order.

3) Within each species, wood plugs are organized by diameter.  For Mushroom Buttons and Floor Plugs we have several thickness options.

4) Pricing is quantity driven, starting in bags of 100 for the most popular.  Wholesale pricing available.

Special Orders? Want to set-up an account?  We'll look into it for you - just contact us and inquire.

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