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Wall Clock Mounting Kits

Our Mounting Cups Make it easy to use a bare wall to make a fantastic clock. Add numbers, sayings or more - great opportunities!

Choose a Mounting Cup based on your preferred battery powered clock movement - C-Cell (larger) or AA-Cell

Clock Kits Shopping Tips

1) Choose your movement.  We recommend the shortest clock shaft.  AA powered: Q-65 (Step Motion High Torque) , Q-66 (Sweep Motion High Torque) OR C cell powered: Q-20 (Step Motion High Torque) or Q-67 (Sweep Motion High Torque)

2) Choose a Mounting Cup based on your clock movement.

3) Choose hands.  How? Take your desired clock face diameter and divide by 2, then subtract the height of your numbers. 

Example: A 42" Clock Face will usually have 4" Tall Numbers.  42 divided by 2 is 21.  21 minus 4 is 17.  So clock hands in the 17 or 18" range will sit nicely with your numbers. 

Example: A 24 inch Clock Face will usually have 2 inch tall numbers.  24 divided by 2 is 12.  12 minus 2 is 10.  So choose 10 inch clock hands.

Vinyl Numbers - Contact Us to request a quote on vinyl numbers or Roman Numerals.  Or check back in a few days for new product listings.

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.