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Choose Top Quality, USA Made Wood burning and Pyrography Tools.  Quality makes a difference when looking at wood burning kits.  From the way the connections are made between the tip and the pen and the control module, to the construction of the tips themselves, to the way heat is controlled, high quality pyrography pens make the artistic process more fun, and minimize frustration. Wood burning art kits are a fun way to start a new wood craft or add new details to wood carving, scroll saw or epoxy projects.

Why did we partner with Colwood USA? Since 1979, Colwood has been a gamechanger in designing quality wood burning kits.  We chose Colwood because they deliver a brilliant combination of quality and price - a combo that keeps customers coming back!

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Get started with wood burning art and pyrography - learn from experts during live streams how to start wood burning, how to perform techniques like designing hair, how to set-up patterns to wood burn, and many other answers to the questions.
What are the best wood burning art kits and supplies? What are some great things to make with my wood burning kit?

Find More Inspiration here - we have several amazing Instagram artists helping show you How To create Wood Burn Art. 
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