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Quality USA Made Chime Clock Movements, and Pendulum movements

Plus Combined Pendulum & Chime Clock Parts

Make a Pendulum  or Westminster Chime Clock this year! Great projects to work on any time, pendulum and chime clocks are fine additions to any home.

Our thanks to Steve Good of Scroll Saw Workshop for this video.  The pattern for this modern Pendulum and Chime Clock can be found on the July 2nd Blog Entry.  

This video shows the pendulum action, plus let's you here the sound of the clock chime.

Browse the variety of clock movements and choose from a pendulum or Westminster chime motor, or a movement that combines the Westminster Chimes with a Pendulum.

Included with purchase of mini standard movements:

1) Free Rod & Pendulum Bob with each Pendulum Clock Movement purchased. (15 inch rod, and 3 bob sizes to choose from - scroll down for options)
2) Free Clock Hands with each Westminster Chime or Pendulum Clock Movement. Click here for the selection of free clock hands.  Clock hands 5" and longer are sold separately and require High Torque (Higher Power) Clock Mechanisms.
Mounting Hardware and Hanger.

Helpful Tips:

1) First choose the type of clock - Do you want just a pendulum, just a chiming clock motor, or a combo? 

2) For pendulum clocks we have variations - the slim profile clock mechanisms that take AA cell batteries, or the C-Cell driven clock motor whose batteries will last longer.

3) Want to run longer hands on your pendulum clock?  Then choose a High Torque Pendulum Motor Option.  High Torque Clock motors will run hands up to 18" and a pendulum rod up to 25" long (sold separately).

4) Our sizing of each pendulum / chime clock mechanism is based on the dial thickness that the hands shaft will go through.  Our customers can add material or router/thin out material to adjust.  For example, Q-25 below is a Westminster Clock Motor suitable for a clock dial face material that is 3/8" thick. (For Helpful Info: Click Here to Learn How To Choose the Correct Clock Shaft Size and Hands Length)


What Customers say:

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