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Tide Clock Movements & Dials | Weather Instruments

Create a Tide Clock with USA Made Tide Clock Movements and Dials.  Plus use hygrometers, barometers and thermometers to create fascinating pieces. 

Shop for tide clock parts and weather instruments wooden tide clock face Tide Clock Movements and Dials Weather station clock inserts

Scroll below for a selection of Tide Movements, Time & Tide Movements, and Dials/Faces for each.  Create interesting pieces with Bear Woods' selection of clock insert style hygrometers, thermometers and barometers.

Shopping Tips for Tide Clock Parts:

1) Each Tide Only Clock Movement includes a black spade style tide hand.  (2-5/8")

2) Time & Tide Movements include both a set of hands for the time and a red tide hand for the tide.  

     a) Scroll down this page to choose your Tide Hand (Red). You will see the two size options for the Red Tidal Hand - add one to your cart for each movement purchased.

     b) Choose your clock hands from our Free Clock Hands page (you will also find this link on each Time and Tide Clock Movement page).

3) All Clock Mechanisms include mounting hardware.

4) Clock Faces/Dials are sold separately.

Pro Clock Making Tip: When choosing hands, the length of the minute hand should be about the same or just slightly less than half of the time ring diameter. Click here to learn more about choosing clock motors, hands and dials.

Shopping Tips for Clock Insert Style Weather Instruments

1) Check our selection of matching clock inserts!

Learn how to choose clock parts 

What Customers say:

Thanks to our customers for submitting these wonderful tide clock examples.


Brian MacDonald's example: Tide  clocks I made out of roasted curly maple. In order not to cover the beautiful grains, I burned the faces into the wood. They work great!!!

Grodon Leaman's example: The octagon is locally harvested red oak from Nova Scotia then turned on the lathe to true up the circle and create a decorative edge.  The recess for the tide clock mechanism was drilled first with a 3" Forstner bit.  The recess was used to mount the clock face on the lathe using a Oneway chuck.  The clock face was finished with lacquer and Shellawax cream while spinning on the lathe. The image was engraved onto the oak using an Epilogue laser.  Four passes were used to create the depth and definition in the wood.  I was considering painting the laser engraving but decided not. 

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.