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Adjustable Inspection & Magnification Lamp - Fluorescent or LED

Average rating:
average rating 93%
3 reviews
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Part #: WT-INSP
Inspection Lamp $77.95 LED Inspection Lamp $116.50 Scrollers Light & Pedal Pack $107.10
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Adjustable Inspection Lamp - Fluorescent or LED Magnification Light for your Table or Workbench

Brighten your workspace and use the powerful magnifier to take a closer look.  Choose LED or Fluorescent Magnification Lamps.  Save with a pack that includes a Deadman Style Foot Switch.

Illuminated magnifier provides hands-free viewing, and the adjustable arm provides light source to work area quickly and efficiently. 

White, metal construction; supplied with a circle LED or fluorescent bulb.

Illuminated 1.75X magnifier. Convenient clamp is suitable for your scroll saw, workbench or desktop. 

Average rating:
average rating 93%
3 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Okay lamp and pedal 01/05/2023
By David E Margretta
I assumed this light would be LED. I was surprised, and a little disappointed, to find that it was actually an older style round fluorescent bulb. It's not bad, but honestly I would've preferred a dimmable LED light instead. At this price, you could probably find both cheaper somewhere else. I'm also not a fan of the limited movement available on the light head. I have an older lamp just like this one that I converted to LED that allows for much more movement. There are times I can see this being an irritation, but overall it will work for the intended purpose.

The pedal is generic, but works as intended. It doesn't feel cheap and should hold up for quite a while. It took a little getting used to, but I honestly wouldn't want to use the Pegas saw without it.
average rating 100%
glad to find a source 11/16/2021
By Roger Sperline
Using it for temporary tool handle wrapping. Gives great traction.
average rating 100%
Great quality 10/28/2023
By Daniel
Great lamp! It has been a perfect addition for my scroll saw.

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