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Magnification Headband with LED Light

Average rating:
average rating 85%
4 reviews
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Part #: WT-40
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LED Illuminating Headband Magnifier

  • Detachable and adjustable LED light source
  • 11 completely different magnifications
  • Works great over glasses and is comfortable!
  • Handy storage box
  • Magnifications are marked in the middle of the lens.
  • 3 AAA batteries included

Single-plate lens: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X

Bi-plate lens: 3.0X, 4.0X, 4.5X, 5.0X, 5.5X, 6.0X

Average rating:
average rating 85%
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Stylish and Bright 06/10/2020
By Bill Johnson
I was attracted to this Magnifier Headset, primarily because it appeared to be comfortable and had a built-in LED light. I also liked the fact that I could use may regular glasses along with the headband magnifiers. When I received it, I immediately opened the package, glanced at the brief instructions, and started testing various combinations of lenses. I like to always have two different magnification lenses installed - one for clarity and magnification in the position and at the distance I work at day in and day out. This set provided that option too. The product fits comfortably on my head when I slipped it on and turn the adjustment knob to the right spot. I will say, and this is the only reason for my "4" rather than "5" rating, that in my typical head-down carving position (picture sitting in your chair and bending forward and down slightly, looking at your thigh) I feel the unit slipping forward, as though it might come off the top of my head. But, it's okay when I tighten it.
average rating 100%
Love It 08/17/2022
By Josh
Right out of the box, this was easy to setup and use. I love that all the lenses has a well crafted case to store them when not in use. After proper adjustments (which are a breeze) this was very comfortable. I was surprised at how light weight it was! I wore this for 2 1/2 hours carving the Union of a wooden flag and almost forgot I had it on. It never got uncomfortable and never once felt like it was going to slide down or off my head. I was leaning down/forward for the entire carve. I highly recommend this headband.
average rating 60%
Magnification is good 08/16/2020
By ronald lee
I've only used this one time so the jury is still out. The light is minimal and has a bluish tint. The strap that goes around your head is plastic and is somewhat uncomfortable. Magnification lenses do the job.
average rating 100%
"great quality") 12/24/2023
By Stephen Elam
Happy camper!!!

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