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Axis of Tension

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Part #: SSREP-76
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Axis of Tension Replacement for Pegas Chuck Heads

Tension levers, set screws, and the other items we list are wear items, so we are offering replacement parts to help refresh your Chuck Heads

Available to ship late June

This will work with the model of chuck heads that includes a tension lever.  Occasionally they are worth refreshing.  Often, they are also replaced at the same to as the Axis of Tension and the Spring for Axis of Tension available here, but sold separately.  Click here to see other parts.

Average rating:
average rating 100%
1 reviews

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Quick service 08/23/2023
By Robert Fredrick
I did some repairs on the upper blade holder, and figured I should replace three parts to get the job done. My order was filled quickly.

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