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Instant Bond Activator

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Part #: TB4-02A
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Instant Bond Activator (2 oz.)

Titebond Instant Bond is a two-part bonding system that provides a strong, permanent bond. It's ideal for hard to reach joints and surfaces that are difficult to clamp. This adhesive was designed for wood but also works on other materials such as MDF, acrylic, granite, PVC, and more.

Instant Bond Activator is used to accelerate the curing times of all Titebond Instant Bond Adhesives. It's especially effective for large gaps, porous woods, bonding acidic surfaces or in low humidity conditions.


  • Heptine based - will not damage finishes or plastics
  • Designed for use with all Titebond Instant Bond Adhesives
  • Apply using a spray bottle or brush
  • Not intended for exterior use or where moisture may occur
  • 2 year shelf life (unopened)
  • Not for use on product in contact with food items
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