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Stand for Pegas Scroll Saw 30 Inch

Average rating:
average rating 88%
5 reviews
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Stand for Pegas 30 inch Scroll Saw - Adjustable

Complete your scroll saw with a stand designed for the saw. 

31" adjustable in 2 " Increments up to 37" height and easy to assemble and install your saw.

Why purchase the stand? The main reason will be vibration reduction.  See the How To Tab for a demo video to show how little a properly mounted Pegas Scroll Saw will vibrate.

Shipping for the stand on its own will be about $20-25.


Need some help putting your stand together?

(Pegas Scroll Saw Stand Assembly Instructions)

(Pegas Scroll Saw Stand Parts List)

Average rating:
average rating 88%
5 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Good Quality, Short on Instructions and Leg length 06/14/2022
By Ernie
Stand is solid base for the Pegas SS. Some further info, esp. for those upgrading from another SS. Footprint needed at the bottom is about 33 in. across X 36 depth. My Delta (similar to Dewalt 788) with a 3 leg stand has a much smaller 18 X 33in.footprint. A stand benefit might be to add a board for storage on middle bars. The top of Pegas table is about 37in from the floor when mounted in the highest leg settings. This is about 4in lower than my Delta. I am 5ft8in and I would like to see longer legs(that is on the stand). Its workable but I am considering leg extenders/blocks. NO INSTRUCTIONS in box, just diagram. Spent hrs trying assembly until contacted BW cust.rep who sent needed instructions. Really important to follow assembly sequence. Note:Shipping bolts used to fasten SS to plywood are also needed for stand.
average rating 80%
Okay lamp and foot pedal 01/05/2023
By David E Margretta
I assumed this light would be LED. I was surprised, and a little disappointed, to find that it was actually an older style round fluorescent bulb. It's not bad, but honestly I would've preferred a dimmable LED light instead. At this price, you could probably find both cheaper somewhere else. I'm also not a fan of the limited movement available on the light head. I have an older lamp just like this one that I converted to LED that allows for much more movement. There are times I can see this being an irritation, but overall it will work for the intended purpose.
average rating 80%
Great 12/15/2022
By John Henson
Ordered the stand when I ordered the 30" Pegas saw. It is an excellent stand, my only "problem" was the instructions weren't very clear so it took me a while to get it figured out, but once assembled, it is rock solid. Would definitely order one again if the need came up.
average rating 100%
Can't wait 06/23/2023
By Robert Ward
I have used Bear Woods for many years with supplies for scrolling. Naturally it was no question when it was time to purchase a new scroll saw who to go to! I look forward to receiving my saw and continuing the relationship we have built together.
average rating 100%
Not yet 02/07/2023
I will be glad to review this purchase when I am able to actually use it.
The stand will come with assembly instructions. In the meantime, watch this video that shows how little vibration comes off the Pegas Scroll Saw.
Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse.
Shipping Details Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse.

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