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Beachy Blues Ocean Color Pack

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2 reviews
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  $18.50 $17.00
Part #: EK-Beachy-Blues
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Beachy Blues Ocean Kit

This pre-selected color kit has everything you need to create some beautiful blue ocean scenes! Trusted by countless artists, Mixol tints are easy to use and are very versatile. You're in control of the translucency by how many drops of colorant you add, so start slow and build your way up. Mixol tints also blend with one another with ease, so don't be afraid to combine colors to unlock a whole new range!

We recommend a fully opaque mixture of Oxide White if you are looking to achieve lacing/cells. Visit our Inspiration & Community page to see these products in action!

Colors Included:

- Blue Mixol Tint
- Ocean Blue Mixol Tint
- Oxide White Mixol Tint

Average rating:
average rating 100%
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Very happy! 09/04/2022
By Linda Daugherty
Hi Bear Woods!
So pleased am I with my first order of Mixol epoxy tints. I have been using #9 steadily with great results on my beach resins. The white as I found out, will only be used to lighten another color. I tried to use it for the waves/lacing and it was not the proper consistency to achieve good results for me. If there were one thing I would tell you, is please do not put your extra product sticker over the number on the bottle. I had to peel it off so the numbers could be seen as I use it. Maybe make your stickers smaller? I was very impressed with how fast my order was shipped and received.....thank you for a great product as I will order from you again!
average rating 100%
Excellent Service 09/05/2021
By Alison Thilo
I'm happy to see that Bear Woods carries these pigments, they are my go to for my work. Bear Woods was prompt with their email communication and my shipment arrived quickly! Thank you!

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