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Marathon High-Speed Rotary Tool - 35,000 RPM

Average rating:
average rating 97%
15 reviews
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Part #: MM-1
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Marathon Woodworking High-Speed Rotary Tool

The Marathon Rotary Tool from Bear Woods gets you started power carving, shaping and detailing with a low initial investment.  Trusted by makers, these machines are built in the same factory as dental machines.

Key Features: 
Carve. Detail. Sand. Sculpt. Engrave.

  • The sleek, versatile, compact design of these rotary tools make them easy to use and economical.
  • Small footprint, but offer speeds up to 35,000 RPM and 3.2 Ncm of torque.
  • Built-in foot pedal for precise speed control 
  • Bur Holder on top for easy storage of most-used tips
  • Standard size collet: 1/8" with a reducing sleeve to allow for 3/32" collets
  • Reverse function is included

*Attachments not included 
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  • Maximum speed: 35,000 rpms
  • Extremely flexible 6'-long self-coiling cord.
  • Equipped with a 1/8"-diameter collet, you can change most common bits with a twist of your wrist.
  • To use bits with a 3/32"-diameter shaft, slip in the reducing sleeve and insert the bit as normal.
  • Works with 1/8" (3.1mm) rotary tool accessories or drill bits. Use 3/32" (2.3mm) reducing sleeve when choosing to use smaller, 3/32" bits. Use of other size bits is at the operator's risk.

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Average rating:
average rating 97%
15 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Great Little Machine 11/19/2019
By Lori Corbett
Author of "Carving Award-Winning Songbirds". When I unboxed this little Titan, I was impressed by the small footprint of the unit. I put this through its paces - high speed, low speed, various cutters and torquing. It came through for me. I especially like that the handpiece felt very balanced in my small hand. The quietness of the motor, and the "one click" turn on the handpiece to change carving bits are definitely a huge plus.

The speed can be controlled with the included foot pedal, or the dial on the unit. It's nice to have a choice. At 35,000 rpm, it's plenty of speed for most tasks, as many of the standard carving bits, burrs, and cutters, aren't recommended for extremely high speeds. I'm a bit "heavy handed" when I'm roughing out a songbird, and I was able to stop the rotation of the handpiece, my fault more that the unit's.

If you're thinking about getting started with power carving, you can't go wrong with this little unit. It definitely is worth more than the cost!
average rating 100%
Great rotary tool 05/13/2021
By Matt Humby
This rotary tool has surpassed my expectation in many ways.
I have had multiple rotary tools over the years and many of them were heavy and hard to hold for longer periods of times, but the Marathon rotary tool is very light weight and easy to handle. It also does not overheat when you have it running for an extended period.
Changing from sanding drums to carving bits is so easy on this machine because no tool is required like all the rest of the rotary tools out there. Simply twist the hand piece to unlock, remove the bit, insert new bit and twist back to lock.
One of my favorite additions that comes with the Marathon rotary tool is the tool rests. There is one tool rest that attaches to the power supply, but there is also a separate tool rest that allows you to set the hand piece down anywhere.
I am very pleased, and I would highly recommend this machine to everyone.
average rating 100%
Love this 07/22/2020
By Kendra
This has quickly became one of my favorite tools. Easy and fast bit change and comfortable to hold are just some of the benefits!

I do a lot of scroll saw work and I had no idea what kind of details could be added prior to this. Since I received this I have used it on almost every project. I use it mostly for added detail on my wood cuts, but I recently did a small epoxy filled carved into a board and was so happy with my results! I know it can do even more than what I have even tried it for so far so I can't wait to keep experimenting.

Highly recommend this tool. Small investment for what it is capable of.
average rating 100%
Super fun and easy to use 11/18/2019
By Keoma
My new Marathon Cube is a fun little powerhouse of a carver and a perfect detailer. I use it for all my jewelry and my students love it! It’s perfect for the beginner who is a little bit Leary of power tools and Its easy to get creating right away! Open box-create! That gives a lot of satisfaction. I love tools that work well for experienced The novice alike and there’s so much to appreciate with this tool! It’s quiet- I can still hear myself think- it does’nt hurt my hand after hours of use- it has a foot pedal...I wish I had had this when I was teaching my kids to carve! Thanks so much- I love it!
average rating 100%
Super Quality 06/28/2021
By Tiffani Frey
I’m a resin artist, and I’ve been using several different rotary tools to smooth the edges on my coasters and other items. Dremel are bulky and get hot pretty quickly. I tried a nail drill and it crapped out after 30 minutes from the dust. So I bit the bullet and spent the money on a high end drill and IT IS WORTH THE MONRH!

It’s super smooth. No vibrations hurting my wrist. It’s easy to handle. I love having a foot pedal. Speed controls and forward/reverse make it even more useful.

If you’re doing a lot of sanding and want to know what the pros use - this is it.
average rating 100%
Game Changer 07/22/2020
By Lesley
I’ve been wanting to add more details to my scrolled pieces and this tool has been a complete game changer! It is so easy to change out the bits and burs, is super lightweight and I really like the flexibility of using the foot pedal. The variable speed is also awesome for detailing for delicate pieces! It’s a really versatile tool and a great addition to my toolkit. Any one wanting to add details or sanding of fine pieces, this is a must have.
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 01/01/2024
By Roy Lee
High-Speed Rotary Tool. Have only had this for a few weeks, but I love it. It so much easier to use than the Dremel rotary tool. Easy to change bits. Wish I would have bought this years ago. So much easier to hold. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a Rotary tool. Love Bear Woods, they are so easy to work with.
average rating 100%
Holy Smokes! 08/09/2023
By Jon A.
One of the best tools in my arsenal of wood working supplies. I would have bought one sooner had I known it existed! I love the ease in swapping bits and speed control. It is super easy to work with and feels great in hand. I would buy it again and again!
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 04/10/2022
By Patricia Evans
I have been trying different things with this liitle Rotary tool and it is so light, quiet and has lots of power! It sits on the carving table right next to me and is so handy. Thanks MADCARVER for for reccomending it!
average rating 100%
Awesome Tool 02/18/2024
By Randi Kilcup
Purchased this rotary tool for shaping my scroll saw projects and I absolutely love it! The foot pedal makes it so easy to use and the bits are extremely simple and fast to change.
average rating 80%
Good product 02/15/2021
By John Howe
The instructions that come with the product are very difficult to understand. Bad translation into English. Had to go to Youtube to find out how to change the bit.
average rating 100%
great quality and happy customer!!! 05/20/2021
By John Kordatzky
Marathon H/S 35K RPM arrived in excellent shape. All contents excellent working order. Have not used it yet but will be very shortly.
average rating 80%
Good 04/17/2021
By Roberta Edwards Lappe
Product was great. However never received $20 off coupon for buying it. I even sent an email asking about it.
average rating 100%
Great quality 10/04/2020
By Stephanie Miller
Got my new marathon rotary tool and I absolutely love it....adds such detail to my scroll saw pieces
average rating 100%
Great tool 09/07/2020
By Ron Loyd
I think I will enjoy this tool very much.

Can't figure something out, make sure to check our Rotary Tool FAQ Page

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