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Pegas Super Skip Scroll Saw Blades Sample Pack

Average rating:
average rating 98%
10 reviews
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Part #: SSB-Super-Skip
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Sample Pack Includes a dozen of these sizes of Super Skip Blades #2/0 #1, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

Due to manufacturing availability one or two items may be substituted for a similar item at the time of shipment. If you require a specific size please let us know ahead of time. We hope to have stock shortages remedied soon. Thank you for understanding.

From Pegas of Switzerland, this blade has wider gaps than Skip Tooth blades.  This enables the blade to cut very quickly, leaving a smooth finish.  The surface sawdust is whisked away and the edge remains clean.  It will accept a fast feed rate and will leave a smooth finish.

Super Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades are a good all around versatile application blade. The higher TPI blades are good for intricate cuts on up t 2/5" thick hardwoods.  Lower TPI Blades are good for up to 2" Hardwoods and LIgher Turns.The range of sizes and teeth per inch allows the cutting of intricate patterns as well as rough-cut work. Thickness of work range from 1/16 inch. to 2 inch hardwoods.  The scroll saw blades provide good chip removal, will accept a fast feed rate, and will give a smooth finish.

Excellent for: Hardwoods, Medium Hardwoods.  Suitable for: Softwoods, Plywood. Not Suitable for Metals.

View all our Pegas Scroll Saw Blades and more information. 

Check out the Pegas Blades Selection Chart to learn about the possibilities for working with Hardwood, Softwood and Plywood with this selection of blades.

SpecificationsPlain Ends 5 inch Scroll Saw Blades. Sold in packs of 12 or bundles of 144. See item name for details.
Average rating:
average rating 98%
10 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Happy customer! 03/03/2022
By Gary Viar
I’m new to scrolling and this was my first blade order and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Good price and fast shipping and that’s a lot considering todays pandemic problems…
average rating 100%
Super selection 11/11/2020
By S. Horner
I love using each of these blades for my many projects creating fairly intricate Christmas tree ornaments. I think the #3 blade is my favorite blade in my entire arsenal.
average rating 100%
happy customer 09/27/2019
By Stan Dawson
scroll saw blades I ordered was ..delivered very promptly. Pegasus blades are the best. Service was just great. Very pleased with Bear Woods, not my last order.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 02/13/2020
By Van McPhail
Love these blades, they are lasting way longer then other blades I have used, and cut quickly and cleanly
average rating 100%
excellent blades 02/20/2020
By John Panhorst
Bought these to try out this style of blade. Have only used a couple so far, but they cut very well.
average rating 100%
Bear Woods 10/14/2018
By Michael Corrigan
Great service,great products,Im always happy with my order!
average rating 100%
No regrets 12/07/2020
By Alvin Berndt
So far-so good. Have performed to expectations.
average rating 100%
BLADES 02/28/2019
average rating 100%
Very satisfied 01/02/2020
By Tony Schur
Great quality
average rating 80%
Saw Blades 05/21/2018
By Brian Bray
Great blades.

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