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Tahitian Tides Ocean Color Pack

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  $18.50 $17.00
Part #: EK-Tahitian-Tides
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Tahitian Tides Ocean Kit

Have you been dreaming of taking a tropical vacation? Use this multi-purpose color kit to create your own combinations of teal by combining your Blue and Green tints! Trusted by countless artists, Mixol tints are easy to use and are very versatile. You're in control of the translucency by how many drops of colorant you add, so start slow and build your way up. Mixol tints also blend with one another with ease, so don't be afraid to combine colors to unlock a whole new range!

We recommend a fully opaque mixture of Oxide White if you are looking to achieve lacing/cells. Wanting to darken up your teal colorant? Head over to our Mixol section and pick yourself up Mixol Black! As the Black tint is very pigmented, a little goes a long way. Visit our Inspiration & Community page to see these products in action!

Colors Included:

- Blue Mixol Tint
- Green Mixol Tint
- Oxide White Mixol Tint

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