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Super Pro II Wood Burner by Colwood

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20 reviews
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Get started burning with Colwood's USA Made Pro-level unit, The Super Pro II

The Super Pro II is Colwood's most versatile unit and features a wider heat range and is more powerful than the Detailer and Cub models.  Plus you can have 2 handpieces ready to go.


  • Front panel switch allows two different tip styles set up and ready to use
  • Two handpiece clips for mounting handpieces
  • Two terminal barriers for easy replacement of handpiece cords
  • Separate, lighted on/off switch
  • Highly visible, slanted front panel
  • One Hi Powered handpiece cord (14 gauge)
  • One Heavy Duty handpiece cord (16 gauge)

We also offer the Super Pro II in a kit with Tips if you are looking for more options.

This control unit is designed to operate on 120V and NOT intended for use in countries where 220V is the standard.  
220V units are available here at Bear Woods for direct shipping to you. Click Here.

SpecificationsFootprint: 6.2" x 4.5" x 2.7" | Weight 3.2 lbs. | Contents include Control Unit and Power Cords - Shop separately for pens with fixed tips or removable tip options.
Control Box Only (2 Years) Cords 1 Year
Average rating:
average rating 100%
20 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Fantastic!! 05/09/2022
By Ashleigh Miller
I am beyond thrilled with my new super pro burner. I’ve done several projects already and I can tell a huge difference between this burner and my old knockoff Amazon. I love how easy it is to change nibs out. It heats up and cools off extremely quickly. The nibs are high quality and I foresee them lasting me a very long time. The pens are not bulky and are easy to hold, which gives a lot greater control with the fine details. There is nothing about this burner that I don’t like. Love this burner!
As a side note, this was my first purchase from Bear Woods and I was a little nervous since it was a large purchase, but I emailed them asking some questions and they promptly replied. My order was placed with no issues, tracking information was provided, and shipping wasn’t too long. I’ll definitely be ordering from Bear Woods again for any of my wood burning needs and I’d recommend them to anyone.
average rating 100%
Excellent product! 07/08/2022
By Holly
I decided to upgrade from a solid tip wood burner to the Colwood Super Pro II. BearWood had what a wanted online so I gave their company a try and I am very pleased with my experience! My product was shipped safely and quickly, and product was exactly as stated on website. BearWood even included a free sample product in the package.
I LOVE the Colwood burner! It gets so much hotter than my old solid tip- I love how dark I can make the burn marks now, and that have a lot of control over the level of heat. The tips heat up and cool down SO fast, and having two burning pens plugged in simultaneously cuts down on time switching tips while I work on projects. Definitely HIGHLY recommend this product!
average rating 100%
Superb purchase 01/02/2022
By Michele Hendrick
I looked at just about every burner out there and kept coming back to this one because the 2 pen capability, made in the good ol US of A. While I was lookin on Google I saw Bear Woods and decided to check them out and boy was I glad I did. Not only did they beat the competitors price but it shipped SAME DAY. Man was I happy. As far as the Colwood SuperPro, I couldn't be happier. It is better than I expected. I absolutely love it. I made Christmas ornaments and used the heavy duty side, the pen never got hot.. If you can afford it, this burner is the bees knees. You won't be disappointed.
average rating 100%
extremely pleased 10/08/2022
By Carry Nedeau
I love my colwood super pro ii! it burns HOT, and heats up quick. the deluxe package coming with so many tips was such a treat as well. if you're thinking of purchasing this woodburning tool just go ahead and do it, you won't be disappointed (and I don't think you'll find a better price than what bear wood is offering). the shipping was prompt, packaging was secure, and overall I'm very pleased with this purchase. I've already put some of the other tip packages on my wishlist for Christmas.
average rating 100%
Great product 04/14/2022
By Chris Just
The Colwood Super Pro II is a fantastic piece of equipment. I've been enjoying it very much, it's been a huge upgrade from several other brands. Plus, coming with a full package of tips and two handles is a plus. I primarily use the tips for calligraphy and shading and they've held up nicely, no matter the temperature. Great product.
average rating 100%
Dream coming true 01/27/2022
By Woodwanderlust
I have Woodburned for years with a walnut hollow creative woodburner. Finally decided to upgrade to the colwood and haven’t regretted it for a second. Gets way hotter and has lots of options with the many tips. The only thing I’m missing is a bigger ball point tip, but even that I see I can order seperately! Thanks a million
average rating 100%
My Workhorse 08/19/2021
By Sarah Gibbs
I absolutely love this burner! It is so easy and such a pleasure to use. It only takes like 20 sec to heat and cool, heating is extremely even and stable and it gets hot enough to burn everything from leather and paper to bone. No matter what I am burning I reach for my Super Pro before anything else. Highly recommend!
average rating 100%
Amazing product 03/23/2022
By Sonya Kite
Straight off the bat it worked amazingly. I tried a cheap wood burner and wasn't impressed. I bought this kit after reading many reviews and watching so many videos. I'm one extremely happy customer. I wouldn't be able to rave enough so you will just have to get one yourself and see for yourself. Worth every penny.
average rating 100%
Excellent quality 10/18/2022
By Sara Brunkhorst
Received everything in the kit in a timely manner. Absolutely love the quality of the Colwood burner and finding it all in a kit was a bonus for me. My only issue (and it has nothing to do with Bearwood) was that I didn’t realize it was coming from Canada and I got hit with international charges from my bank.
average rating 100%
great quality 08/14/2022
By Gesa Degenhardt
First time ordering from Bear Wood where I live in Germany. I've been looking for a burner from Colwood Pro II for a long time. I have to say that the ordering went super fast... Just a pity that the shipping and customs fee is very expensive. Otherwise everything great
average rating 100%
Great products 05/08/2021
By Jean Parker
My husband had bought me a cheap burner and after using it for a day or so I asked the Pyrography beginners page for
advice. They recommended bearwood products. I bought the Colwood Deluxe Pro II and I love it . The quality is so much better than what I had .
average rating 100%
In love!!!! 03/28/2022
By Jacqueline Caverly
I have tried and tested a few wood burners and this has been my favorite of all! I keep going back to it!!! Bear Wood also has great prices and I will be a forever customer!
average rating 100%
Great quality 09/22/2022
By Lynnette H
I am new to wood burning, but I wanted to start with a burner that was high quality. I have been very please with it and highly recommend this product.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 04/26/2022
By Daniel Sullivan
My first attempt at woodburning & it was very enjoyable with this machine. It heats up instantly.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 02/07/2022
By Linda Barnes
Very happy customer. Great service and delivery can’t wait to burn
average rating 100%
Happy customer 05/01/2024
By Teri Meadows
Great machine I love it and the tips are reasonably priced
average rating 100%
Great heat control! 06/28/2021
By Rhonda Martin
Love it, so easy to adjust the heat!
average rating 100%
Happy customer 09/22/2022
By Lynnette H
Great product, have been very pleased
average rating 100%
Great product 06/28/2021
By Rhonda Martin
Easy to use, not bulky.
average rating 100%
Love it 12/17/2021
By Roger Parton
Love it

Shop for ALL Replaceable Tips for wood burning


Shop for ALL Fixed Tips for wood burning

Tips Handpiece

Replaceable Tips Handpiece (2 Recommended) — $20.00 each

Used to hold your replaceable burning tips. We recommend two for the Super Pro II because it has two cables for them, so you can burn with multiple tips at once instead of having to wait for it to cool down every time.


Super Pro Starter Kit

Super Pro Starter Kit (5 Replaceable Tips) — $240.25 each

Comes with a good range of starter tips and maintenance gear for those looking to get into wood burning. 


Super Pro Deluxe Kit (9 Replaceable Tips) — $305.00 each

Get everything you could ever need to burn right from the beginning with the deluxe kit, aside from the wood.


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