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NEW High Speed Cutting Discs, 7/8" with 1/8" hole (Per 25)

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High Speed Cutting Discs (Per 25) $3.25 Wheel Mandrel with 1/8" Screw & 1/8" Shank $2.50 High Speed Cutting Discs (25pk) and Mandrel $5.75
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High Speed Cutting Discs - Pack of 25

Resin bonded aluminum oxide is fast, cool, odor-free, and long lasting. Designed to cut metals and woods smoothly and rapidly.

Requires a Mandrel you can find here - Add one to your cart too!


Max Speed Specifications:

Cutting Discs can be used at a maximum of 25,000 (RPM) Rotations Per Minute

Average rating:
average rating 100%
1 reviews

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Discs 09/03/2020
By Amy Arbuckle
I purchased these after seeing what they could do to add detail to any work project They work great Selection of products to help do any wood project is amazing My only regret is following some
If the instragram girls- lizzy with the house of timber, Lauren- wild wood creations and Kendra. Talented ladies with knowledge that they share good luck -purchase today