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Rotary Tool & Accessory Kit

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8 reviews
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Part #: MM-KIT
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Marathon Rotary Tool & Accessories Kit:

The Marathon Rotary Tool gets you started power carving and detailing with a low initial investment. 

Trusted by makers, these rotary tool machines are built to be reliable by makers of dental tools.

Marathon Rotary Tool Details:

  • The sleek, versatile, compact design of these rotary tools make them easy to use and economical.
  • Small footprint, but offer speeds up to 35,000 RPM and 3.2 Ncm of torque.
  • Features a fixed foot pedal, built-in hand piece holder, and bur holders on top for easy access bur storage. 
  • Standard size collet: 1/8" with a reducing sleeve to allow for 3/32" collets

Here's what's included in the Accessories Kit, Plus you can re-order with us at any time!*

See all of our Sanding Products for the Rotary Tool here: 

Description Graphic Qty Included Our Part Number - Click Link for Detailed info or to order separately.
Fine Sanding Bands Rotary Tool Sanding Bands for Dremel 25 RF-21
Medium Sanding Bands   25 RF-20
Coarse Sanding Bands   25 RF-19
Coarse Sanding Discs sanding disc mandrels 25 RF-SDG-CRS
Medium Sanding Discs   25 RF-SDG-MED
Fine Sanding Discs   25 RF-SDG-FINE
Coarse Bristle Discs Bristle Discs for Rotary Tools 4 RF-3D8
Fine Bristle Discs   4 RF-3D22
Metal Cutting Discs High Speed Cutting Discs 25 RF-CTG-DISC
Ball-shaped bur Ball shaped carving bur 1 CB-46
Bud-shaped bur Bud shaped carving bur 1 CB-47
Split Pin Mandrel RF-41-Split 1 RF-41
Taper Split Pin Mandrel RF-42-Split 1 RF-42
Sanding Band Mandrel for 3/8" Diameter Sanding Bands 3/8 Abrasive Band Mandrel 1 RF-22
Bristle Disc Mandrel with 1/8" Shank and 1/6" Screw wheel mandrels 1 RF-15
Sanding Disc Mandrel with 1/8" Shank and 1/8" Screw wheel mandrel for rotary tools 1 RF-WHL-MDL

*Please note that some items may be substituted due to stock availability. Contact us for more information

SpecificationsWorks with 1/8" (3.1mm) rotary tool accessories or drill bits. Use 3/32" (2.3mm) reducing sleeve when choosing to use smaller, 3/32" bits. Use of other size bits is at the operator's risk.
Average rating:
average rating 100%
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Love it! 02/11/2022
By Sandy Dardenelle
It is so easy and convenient to use. Changing the attachments is a breeze. Very happy with the customer service. When I had a problem with the attachment kit they immediately sent me the part I needed to make it right.
average rating 100%
Awesome quality 03/15/2022
I’m new to the world of scroll sawing and recently ordered the marathon micro motor to shape with. It is a game-changer! Super light and easy to work with - and is super fun to use.
average rating 100%
Happy customer! 03/26/2023
By Tracy Wagner
I’ve not had an opportunity to use for it’s intended purpose but I’ve played with it and it quiet powerful, love the foot pedal. Looking forward to making all the things!
average rating 100%
Happy customer 01/27/2022
By Carolyn A Haught
I have always had fantastic customer service.love all the products I just bought. I will be buying for this company again.
average rating 100%
Great product 06/03/2022
By Robin Ruby
This is a great rotary tool, love how it works. Easy to use. Also wonderful attachments.
Thank you Bear Woods!
average rating 100%
Great Shaping Tool 06/05/2022
By Kim Freeman
Put my Marathon to work right away. Easy to hold and works like a charm. Thank you, Bear Woods.
average rating 100%
happy customer 01/30/2022
By William Applegate
My wife is the carver and she is quite happy with the tools. Shipping was good too!
average rating 100%
Excellent Tool 07/26/2023
I love this too it’s so versatile and easy to use

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