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The Detailer - Colwood Wood Burning

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4 reviews
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Get started burning with Colwood's Original USA Made unit.

The Detailer is Colwood's original unit. The control unit carries a two-year warranty. The Detailer, like all of Colwood's units, accommodates both Fixed Tip and Replaceable Tip style pens.


  • Ultra Flex Handpiece Cord (18 gauge) (Handpieces sold separately)
  • Clip for mounting handpieces
  • Separated On/Off Switch
  • Tabletop model
  • Terminal barrier for easy replacement of handpiece cords

We also offer the Detailer in a kit with Tips if you are looking for more options.

This control unit is design to operate on 120V and NOT intended for use in countries where 220V is the standard.

220V units are available by special order, click here for more information.

Specifications Footprint: 5.5" x 4.0" x 2.77"
Weight: 3.05 lbs
Control Box Only (2 Years); Handpiece Cord (1 Year)
Average rating:
average rating 100%
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Great machine for a great price! 08/19/2021
By Sarah Gibbs
This was my first burner from Colwood and I absolutely love it. Its extremely lightweight and very easy to handle. Its temp control is spot on, heats evenly and quickly and does anything most people would need it to. If you are looking for a great burner to get started with without breaking the bank, I recommend this one. Even with my Super Pro sitting next to it, I always keep it loaded and use it even now along with my bigger burner. You can't go wrong with this awesome little machine, definitely a must in every woodburning/working/carving studio!
average rating 100%
Super happy customer 01/06/2024
By Roberta Tomsen
I love my burner. I've had one before so I knew how well it works and I found it a such a great price at Bearwood. I'm a gourd artist so my burner is in constant use. There's only pros for this burner and as I said our my second one since my first one died through no fault of it's own.
average rating 100%
Amazing machine! 04/09/2021
By Kayla
I love this burner! Even heating, lightweight hand piece, and quality accessories. I definitely recommend this machine to anyone looking for a high quality product at an affordable price.
average rating 100%
Awesome 01/25/2024
By Elise I
I love the consistency in the heat setting. Makes all the difference in my burning.

Shop for ALL Replaceable Tips for wood burning

Shop for ALL Fixed Tips for wood burning

Tips Handpiece

Replaceable Tips Handpiece — $20.00 each

Used to hold your replaceable burning tips. Essential for wood burning.


The Detailer Starter Kit (5 Replaceable Tips) — $183.25 each

Comes with a good range of starter tips and maintenance gear for those looking to get into wood burning. 


The Detailer Deluxe Kit (9 Replaceable Tips) — $248.75 each

Get everything you could ever need to burn right from the beginning with the deluxe kit, aside from the wood.



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