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1951 Ford Pickup 18" (Woodworking Pattern)

Average rating:
average rating 95%
12 reviews
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How to build wooden antique model cars and trucks

Precision drafted full sized plans by Toys and Joys which fold out as blueprints with measurements and templates for all of the parts to build this model 1951 Ford Pickup

  • Complete, at-a-glance materials list to teach you how to make a 1951 Ford pickup
  • Easy to follow plans, templates and instructions to build wooden model trucks
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Average rating:
average rating 95%
12 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Good -Even Great !!! 04/29/2019
By Kenneth Altfather
So far so good. But on another subject the . The last item I purchased, the plans for 1934 Chevy Coupe. Turned out to be fantastic, I built 2 models of it, keep one and gave one to my daughters boyfriend. Who actually owns an identical coupe in his garage. He was flabbergasted and even cryed over it. So now I'm starting on the 51 Ford truck model. I LOVE it. I will keep you informed. I have given your company name to some friends of mine, will see how that works out.
Thanks Again
average rating 100%
1951 Ford Pickup 09/12/2018
By Andrew Macdonald
The plans are fantastic and easy to read. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
I would highly recommend this plan to anyone who is looking for something different.
Although the measurements are not metric (as I live in Australia) they are easy to convert.
Do yourself a favour and get a hold of the plans and have some fun making an awesome pickup
average rating 80%
Recent Purchase 12/26/2017
By Vernon Raines
Received the full-scale plans and have looked them over carefully. For the most part I loved them but have found a few parts that were not dimensioned but were easy enough to figure out. Some instructions on assembly steps would be very helpful but any fairly competent woodworker should have no problem following the drawings.
average rating 80%
"great quality"): 04/27/2021
By Henry Lambert
received 3 patterns one page was missing they
sent the page right away. Received it in a few days. But for the 3 pattern the shipping and tracking was very poor. it took about 3 weeks
and the tracking was near zero. but I will odor
more patterns when needed
average rating 100%
Excellent Plans 08/08/2018
Was a bit worried what I would end up with, but I got 8 sheets of excellent, clear plans with everything on them to build the model.Very happy and will be purchasing another set for a different car soon.
average rating 100%
Excellent Products ! 04/08/2019
By Owen G. Vaughn, Jr.
Very pleased with Bear Woods products and the ordering process. Their staff was also very helpful. Delivered on time.
average rating 100%
Items requested and shipped 11/04/2017
By Lorraine Bogstie
Had what I needed and it was shipped within a day or two. Had items within 5 days of ordering.
average rating 100%
Great plans 01/02/2020
By Tony Schur
Have used Toys and Joys plans before, they are a challenge and I always learn something.
average rating 80%
Ford 1951 05/25/2017
By Dan Cowan
Pattern was fine I needed to reduce 15% to be the same size as other ones
average rating 100%
Great job 01/26/2018
By Charles Gibbs
You did a great job. We are in the process of making the 51 Ford Truck.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 10/21/2020
By david breust
Pattern is very easy to follow.
average rating 100%
Great quality 02/26/2022
By Gregory Miller
Nice plans easy to follow

Each Toys and Joys Pattern is a full sized blueprint style pattern, complete with scale drawings and measurements of each part. You can also reference the tab "Recommended Parts" for some popular items required by the pattern that you can buy (or make).

Here's some tools we suggest that will help you to work with most of the Toys and Joys patterns.

Band Saw or other saw to cut the body pieces.
Drill Press
Power Sander: Disc Sander / Belt Sander Combination)
Table Saw
Spindle Sander (Not required but can be useful)
Small clamps (Rubber Bands can be used in some cases)
Scroll Saw (Nice to have, but not required)
Lathe (Only required for a 3 models) (Locomotives, & Ready Mix Truck)
Some hand tools can be useful.

Plus of course some Glue - we recommend our Titebond Glue

Buy wood toy parts, wooden wheels, game pieces | Bear Woods Supply

Purchase some beautifully crafted parts to help make your wooden train model a success!

This chart shows the parts called for by the pattern

A) Add to Cart or Click on a Product Name to See More Details or Product Info.

3) Prices are for the quantity noted with each item - Buy more to save more.    Eg. AP-090 is an axle peg we sell in bags of 25 pegs for $2.50.  Add to Cart Quantity of 1 will get you 25 pieces of axle pegs for $2.50.  To see discounts per item, click the links below.

Note: many of the quantities we supply are for great wholesale value - you can use these parts toward many Toys and Joys Plans or your own designs!

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AP-244 Wood Axles For 3/8" Wheel Hole, 1.925" long tenon

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AC-018 Wooden Axle CapsHub Caps for 3/16" Dowels

Bag of 10 for $2.10

Wood Model Cargo | Bear Woods SupplyWooden Model Accessories and Cargo
Items called for by the woodworking pattern. 
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How many pieces needed?

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TP-100 Wooden Headlights 1" x 3/4"

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STW-125 Steering Wheels 1-1/4" x 7/16" with 3/16" hole - Maple

Per piece for $0.91

GB-075 Wooden Grille Beads 3/4" x 1/2"

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Treaded Wood Wheels | Bear Woods SupplyTreaded Wooden Wheels

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TR-275 Treaded Wooden Wheels 2-3/4" X 3/4"  (3/8" inch hole)

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TW-125 Wooden Wheels 1-1/4" x 3/8" (1/4" Hole)

Per bag of 25 for $5.45

Birch dowel sticks and dowels | Bear Woods SupplyDowels in 12” Sticks (we also carry 36" & 48" hardwood dowels in Maple, Walnut, etc)
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BD-332-12 Birch Dowels 12" Length, 3/32" Diameter

Bundle of 10 for $11.82

BD-018-12 Birch Dowels 12" Length, 3/16" Diameter

Bundle of 10 for $2.50 

BD-025-12 Birch Dowels 12" Length, 1/4" Diameter

Bundle of 10 for $3.50

BD-037-12 Birch Dowels 12" Length, 3/8" Diameter 

Bundle of 10 for $5.50 
Buy wood toy parts, wooden wheels, game pieces | Bear Woods SupplyWe Stock Dozens of styles and sizes of wooden toy wheels, axle pegs, little people and other parts to make your woodworking projects a success. Check out the whole wooden wheel and toy parts selection.

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