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Clock Hands 4-1/2" Black (For up to 9-1/2" Dial diameter)

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average rating 93%
26 reviews
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4-1/2" Clock Hands - Black - no second hand

•     Fits up to 9-1/2" Dial diameter

•     Second hand not included

•     Free with purchase of clock movement

•     Includes Hour hand and minute hand - second hand is sold separately

Please choose the same number of hands as movements ordered - Clock hands may be purchased without a movement at $1.50 per set.

SpecificationsFree with Purchase of a Standard Power Clock Motor - Choose one set of hands per motor. Second Hands Sold Separately. Other styles and sizes available for a small fee.
Average rating:
average rating 93%
26 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Clock Movement and Hands 09/27/2017
By Sally Leong
I replaced a 20 year old clock mechanism with a new one. The new hands look great and the time is being kept accurately. I was pleased to purchase a product made in the USA! The parts were delivered quickly after order.
average rating 60%
Quartz Clock Movements - One good, Other iffy 12/24/2017
By Donald Chow
Received the clock movements in the time stated by Canada Post. Installed one movement (1/2 inch shaft) in a Regulator type clock in which the original movement has stopped working. The new movement did not have the "Hourly chime-triggering"mechanism of the original movement, but since we never had it turned on, it was not an issue. The Regulator clock with the newly installed quartz movement from Bear Woods worked perfectly for about 24 hours and then stopped at 5:30. I replaced the battery with another brand new one, readjusted the time and the clock was working again. About 3 days later it stopped at 5:30 again. This time the hands were reset to the correct time and the clock started working again. So far it has worked for a week and I'm hoping it will continue to. Very puzzling.
The second quartz movement (5/8 inch shaft) installed in a small "Anniversary-type " clock has worked perfectly since being installed.
Overall I am satisfied with the movements from Bear Woods and their quick shipping. I will order from them in the future, primarily because they are located in Canada. Another "Klock" company is located much closer to me in Ontario, but unfortunately it is in the USA and there is a ridiculous shipping charge for cross-border orders. Ordered once from them and was astounded that the shipping and handling charges were three times the cost of the items that I had ordered !
average rating 100%
Completely satisfied 10/29/2018
By Paul Barrett
We have been completely satisfied with the service from Bear Woods Supply in providing the ordered parts. We are delighted with our rebuilt clock. We have had this clock for many years and did not want to have to get rid of the clock cabinet as we really like the design. We are pleased with the result. We found your web site helpful. Thank you.
average rating 100%
My new go to place for clock parts 04/21/2019
By Joseph Burger
Thirty minutes after the postman delivered the order, the clock was back in service.
It could not have been simpler.
Great prices and clockworks sized properly for a problematic fit.
It took longer to find your website than to repair the clock.
You are my new go to place for clock parts.
average rating 60%
Replacement for Sheng Bang HD-1688 04/19/2018
By Kim Frostad
The Q-35 mechanism fits in my clock as the advertised shaft dimensions were what I needed. However the high torque mechanism is required to drive a long pendulum and unfortunately the Q-35 does not have enough power for the long pendulum I have. The Q-22 is the mechanism I need but it won't fit my clock.
average rating 100%
Two sets of Clock Hands included with movements 06/02/2017
By David Langedock
In response to your email, I received all items in perfect condition, ahead of the forecasted delivery date, and I am very happy that every item worked very well.
Should I ever need anything else, be sure I will visit Bear Woods web-site once again to make an order.
average rating 100%
New customer 01/13/2018
By William Murgatroy
This was my first order from Bear Woods and except for a weather delay in the delivery date I'm very satisfied with the transaction and would shop there again. The quartz chime/pendulum movement fit perfectly and was easy to install. Shop there, you'll love them!
average rating 100%
Everything was great! 01/16/2018
By Paul Jutras
Parts arrived today, everything was great! I actually had a pair of hands that are the proper length for the dial I have. Everything looks good.
I have three other clocks that need new mechanisms. I will be in touch soon.
average rating 100%
Positive 08/01/2013
By mark harman
The free clock hands I received with my clock movement order were gorgeous. They fit perfectly and functioned without any problems. Thanks Bear Woods Clock!
average rating 100%
Positive 08/01/2013
By mark harman
The free clock hands I received with my clock movement order were gorgeous. They fit perfectly and functioned without any problems. Thanks Bear Woods Clock!
average rating 100%
Quality and service 10/13/2017
By William Soukup
Items received and are as advertised. Thank you for the prompt service. I will use you as my go to supplier of clock movements in the future.
average rating 100%
Very pleased 09/05/2018
By Barbara A Bird
Very pleased with my clock parts. My outdoor terracotta clock now lives again. No problem with the price of the item, Cda.Post, OTOH
average rating 80%
affordable 05/04/2016
By billy
affordable clock parts haven't installed them yet, but shipment and packing was great. a plus is that they are USA made.
average rating 100%
Nice Hands 03/08/2018
By Eileen
Hands look as pictured, will make a nice face (I'm embroidering the remainining features, decor and numbers).
average rating 100%
Clock hands 03/12/2019
By Wayne
Great product. Received in a sturdy package.
Easy to insall. Working great!
average rating 100%
Clock hands 04/14/2018
By ken parsons
Again everything was handled very professionally.
Thanks again for everything.
average rating 100%
Hands 02/24/2018
By Michael Kealey
Hands worked well with the 10" clock face and 1" numbers I used.
average rating 100%
Quality material 07/03/2018
By Charles Rose
The new hands gave life to my old clock. it looks great.
average rating 100%
Good stuff 09/30/2019
By Doug Simon
Just what I needed to get an old clock working again
average rating 100%
perfect 09/19/2017
By Colleen Huff
Nice looking and easy to install
average rating 100%
Clock Hands 05/04/2018
By Jack Reiff
Product performed as expected
average rating 100%
Great item 01/12/2015
By Sabrina
Simple to use. Look great.
average rating 100%
awesome 04/03/2017
By Mary Busick
Great just what I needed.
average rating 100%
Hands 07/31/2017
By Gary Sargent
Just the right size
average rating 100%
Thank you 09/05/2017
By Christopher S
Great Service

how to choose clock movements and hands

How do I choose the right size clock motor & hands? 
1) Refer to the figure here, or Click Here for helpful info (a new window or tab will open)  

2) The size of hands is based on the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. (Figures 3 & 4) 

3) Our clock motors are sized by the thickness of the dial the movements can go through.  EG. High torque Q-64 will go through up to 5/8" thick material, while standard/mini motor Q-11 will go through 1/8" thick clock faces. (Figure 1 and  item "A" in Figure 2)

Tip 1)  If your material is too thick, consider removing some to in-set the clock.  Or if your clock face material is too thin, consider adding some material behind the face so the hands will sit closer to your clock face. 

Tip 2) Most hands can be slightly trimmed if need be.

Tip 3) Our customers also spray paint them. 

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