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Clock Hands - Select one set Free from those priced at $0.00 with your Clock Movements Purchases.  Or choose a premium set at $1.50 (or less)

Hands up to 4.5" Long.  (High Torque / Hands 5" and longer not included in this offer)

Clock Hands for Clock Mechanisms | Bear Woods Supply

Scroll to select your choice of free clock hands, OR Click here to buy up to 4.5" clock hands separately for only $1.50.

  • Each set of clock hands contains an hour hand, a minute hand and a red second hand that is designed to complement the set.  

  • Choose Black or Brass Finished Clock Hands.
  • The diameter of the hole in the hour hand (and slotted hole in the minute hand) is 5 mm to fit a standard American I-Shaft design. 

  • We stock a large selection of clock hands in various sizes and designs. Clock hands are available in brass and black finish.

Be sure to read item description - not all hand sets include a free second hand.  Scroll the page for second hands to add them.

PRO TIP: A general rule of thumb in choosing the right size clock hands is to  choose a set of hands where the minute hand is roughly 1/2 the diameter of the ring created by the numbers on the clock face. For example if the diameter of an imaginary circle to the bottom of the numbers on your clock face is 4-1/4 inches long than choose a set of clock hands with a minute hand about 2-1/8 inch long.

What Customers say:

Browse clock hands - FREE Clock Hands Start at 1-5/16" and go up to 4-1/2".  
NOTE - Clock hands 5 inches and longer are sold separately - High Torque Clock Motors required
to make clocks with hands 5 inches and longer.

How to select the right size clock movements and hands

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* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
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