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USA Made High Torque Clock Movements to Make Large Clocks (Up to 5/8" Dial Face)

Average rating:
average rating 96%
98 reviews
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Per USA Made High Torque Movement for Longer Clock Hands
Part #: Q-64
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USA Made High Torque Quartz Clock Movements (For up to 5/8" Dial Face)

High Power Clock Movements are used to make DIY Pallet Clocks, Wall Clocks, and more! For hands between 5" and 18" long.

  • Accurate Within 2 Minutes A Year
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OK for outdoor use if sheltered from rain
  • American "I" Shaft

TIP: Only Continuous Sweep High Torque Motors will run a second hand - scroll down for our 10" balanced sweep hands.

Need help finding the right movement? Learn more here, or if you need further clarification, contact us.


**When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.

  • Dimensions: 2-1/8 inch x 2-1/8" x 5/8"
  • Overall Shaft Length: 1-1/8"
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: 5/16"
  • Runs on 1 "AA" Size battery
  • Runs hands between 5 and 18 inches long
  • Works with Material up to 5/8" thick

  • Hardware Included

  • Brass Washer
  • Hex Nut
  • Closed End Cap

  • Optional Hardware

    Add an Black Endcap for $0.50
    Add an Open End Nut for $0.50

    Average rating:
    average rating 96%
    98 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

    average rating 100%
    Top Notch Customer Service!!! 09/07/2017
    By The Painted Attic
    A few weeks ago, I found myself in a bit of a pinch. I had a DIY workshop scheduled for two days later and the place I had initially ordered clock parts from failed me. I was in a bind and was facing having to reschedule the workshop. As a small business this is less than ideal..
    I spent time Google-ing clock part companies in Canada and came across your site!!
    It was Wednesday afternoon here in Nova Scotia. The 4-hour time difference worked in my favor. :) The class was on Friday evening on the other side of the country from BC! I inquired about the shipping options and learned of a next-day deliver service and thought I had nothing to lose!
    I ordered the clock parts Wednesday afternoon withe the next day delivery option.. I got a phone call letting me know when the parts were picked up. The next morning, I checked my email and had tracking emails for each of the stops along the airline route... and I was absolutely amazed, and so beyond impressed, when the box was delivered the very next day (Thursday) right to my door!!! Less than 24 hours, and a whole country traveled, and I had the parts I needed. My workshop was held and the ladies loved my choice of hands. I was grinning ear-to-ear thinking "If they only knew the story" lol..
    Customer service like this is a rare find anymore!! So thank you...for being that one diamond in the rough! You provided me with a product to the other side of Canada in less than 24-hours!! I'm beyond impressed and look forward to doing business with you again real soon!!
    average rating 100%
    Great Experience 04/25/2019
    By Danna Wyatt
    Needed to refurbish an old clock. Keep in mind I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. My husband purchased this clock with plans to fix it himself, this was his area of expertise, not mine. I was clearing the garage and tripped across it, tucked safely behind some old camping gear. I debated on selling the clock with the gear at the next yard sale. Instead, I decided to fix it and keep it. I remember how excited my husband was to find this. The memory of that day made me smile.
    My husband passed several years ago and I thought I would honor his memory with fixing it.
    I tripped across a YouTube video that bearwood had put out. I felt empowered, but still was a bit unsteady in what exactly I should get. I sent an email and within minutes, I had an answer. I explained the dimensions and hand style that I thought would be pretty. I placed the order and within days it arrived. Within minutes, this old beautiful clock was alive.Thank you, Bearwoods for your amazing service & help!
    average rating 80%
    Works great, but... 01/02/2019
    By eric hudson
    Everything I purchased was received in good working order. The only issue I had with my order was the hour hand. The hour hand did not have protective plastic on it when received like that minute hand did. Therefore, the hour hand was scratched and almost looked like it had been used an returned. Due to the timing of when I needed the clock pieces I was not able to return the hour hand, so I dealt with it as is. Luckily, the clock I am using it for is rustic so the scratched look basically fit in. If it was any other situation, I would have returned the hour hand immediately in hopes for one to be sent without scratches and still in the protective coating. All in all the hands are great and work as I expected, one just doesn't look brand new as I would expect. And this is the only thing holding be back from 5 stars.
    Our responseThanks for letting us know. It is uncommon for the protective coating to be removed. We will put a credit on your file for the next time you need to order. Warm regards.
    average rating 100%
    Happy Customer 12/26/2021
    By Sheila Dorris
    Quality products and very accommodating customer service in their representative, Eden! She could not have been anymore helpful, cordial, informative, detail oriented, humorous, and patient; when, I reached out with questions on Friday, December 24th, 2021. Thank You Eden, it was very comforting to be able to rely on you when I needed you most! You are extremely gracious and a true gem!! It was wonderful to laugh with you and know that you are happy to help with any questions I have! Especially so, since it has been decades since I have designed and produced any custom clocks. You have renewed my confidence in offering this particular form of kinetic sculptures included in my visual art, for paying clients! Thank You Again!
    average rating 100%
    Not perfect 03/18/2019
    I got onto the web site on a weekend and found the items I needed. The problem was when I tried to check out. It let me review my items, I got to shipping and the web site quit working. I found a support number to call but no one to answer. Come Monday they had bad weather and no one to answer the phone. I left a name and number and finally got a call back several days later. The product got shipped eventually. It was the right items and install was a breeze. Web site needs professional help.
    average rating 100%
    Excellent product 03/23/2021
    By Rachael
    I wanted to create a giant clock. So many of the available clock mechanisms out there did not give details about where it could be used, dimensions, specifications. Bear Woods was perfect and made it easy to select both my mechanism and clock hands that would work together with confidence. They worked great and were easy to install. I did need to slightly bend the minute hand so it did not hit the hour hand but learned that from other reviewers, super simple and easy.
    average rating 100%
    Order was as I expected 12/24/2018
    By Bob Flood
    Ordered the high torque mechanism and hands after reading the info I needed on the website. I bought these for a custom wall clock and after delivery, the client loved the look. Ordering process was quick and easy. Shipping notifications were helpful in knowing when my package would arrive. I will for any future projects and would recommend to anybody for theirs that they buy from Bear Woods. Thank You.
    average rating 100%
    Very Happy 04/15/2018
    By Jodie Andersen
    I was having trouble finding a high torque movement that would work for my large face clocks that I make and sell as a hobby. This is the first time I have purchased a clock movement for my 17 1/2 inch hands that would keep accurate time and not stop working. I am very happy that I found the Bearwood website and made this purchase. Their price was good and the shipping was very fast! Two thumbs up!!
    average rating 100%
    Couldn't be more happy 07/15/2018
    By Adam K.
    The large wall clock that was given to my wife and I for a house warming gift died and we weren't quite sure what to do or what we needed to fix it.

    I messaged Bear Woods and they were extremely helpful in getting the right parts to help put our clock back in operation and back on our wall!

    Couldn't be more happy and impressed with the service we were provided.
    average rating 100%
    Excellent Service 12/31/2019
    By Tim Paddock
    I have been buying clock parts from Bear Woods, for a couple of years now.....I like their service, knowledge in the products.....and the follow up service I always receive. The products are excellent quality....and the order is right, every time I order something......I really appreciate that...... the order is sent correctly.....THE FIRST TIME..... Thanks, Tim.
    average rating 100%
    Received Clock Parts 04/22/2018
    By Ronald Hinchliffe
    I must say, dealing with Bear Woods was an absolute pleasure! First, in speaking with them on the phone, excellent advice given, and then delivery of that parts. The parts arrived faster than expected and looked great. I can't say enough about my experience, without people being suspicious that I was been paid for this testimonial. Again, many thanks!
    average rating 100%
    Quality product 06/19/2020
    By S B.
    I'm very pleased with my purchase. I had previously ordered a similar product from a different vendor which stopped working within 12 hours. This high torque clock movement works wonderfully for my large 52" diameter wall clock. Also, assembly was super easy and shipping was fast. I highly recommend this vendor and product.
    average rating 100%
    Great quality 12/25/2019
    By mark urbonas
    Had ordered a couple of the no name mechanisms that never worked correctly. On the no name models hands were floppy, mechanism was not dependable, even battery fit was poor. Your high torque mechanism installed easily on the clock I was making, hands are held tightly and it keeps accurate time with its 10" hands
    average rating 100%
    Excellent Srvice 03/31/2018
    By Sharon Eaton
    I was unsure on exactly what to buy or what product worked best with another. After a brief phone call which answered all my questions, I immediately placed an order. My product arrived only days later intact and in good working order. I was so please with the product and was able to complete my project.
    average rating 100%
    Clock works 12/13/2017
    By Robert Froese
    I found the ordering of the items to be easy and the delivery was quick. I am happy with the product. One thing I was looking for where click numbers. Regular numbers and Roman Numeral numbers in different sizes. This is not a complaint. Just something I was looking for. Thank you.
    average rating 100%
    Just what I needed! 05/04/2018
    By Tannis Graves
    I thought I was going to have to buy an entire new clock face, but when I realized I could just get the motor and use the same hands, that is what I went for. It works great! My clock is about 24 inches in diameter, so I needed a bigger mechanism, and this one does the trick.
    average rating 100%
    h tourqe clock mechanism 05/02/2018
    By krushnakant shah
    I have a large wall clock with about 18+ inch long minute hand. This mechanism pushes it alright. Ideally should use with c battery but it would not fit my clock.
    works as described. sure will have to wait and see how long it lasts since its really pushing large hands.
    average rating 80%
    Everything as in BW's videos .... 07/10/2018
    By jerome clair
    Toughest part was the pre-measurements. BUT BW's Support answered my questions.
    Had clock hands as I was replacing. A tough trade-off to decide: buy & spend $$ on new hands or if what you had don't fit, you incur another shipping charge.
    Seems like a poker bluff.
    average rating 100%
    Hi Torque Clock Motor made in USA 06/11/2018
    By Carl Jacobson
    Ordered a replacement clock motor, actually two motors, one for a spare, for my outdoor clock. I always look for Made in USA products, and was pleased the clock motors I purchased were made in the USA. The motor was easy to install, and is working perfect so far.
    average rating 100%
    Quartz movements 12/24/2018
    By Cash Mroz
    Shipment on time, packaged properly and now I wait to see if the movement lasts more than a year as said by the customer service rep. she was very helpful figuring out what type movements I needed along with hands. I would use this vendor again for other needs.
    average rating 100%
    Owner 11/12/2018
    By Dwight Renz
    Love the products and will order from you all the time. The best thing about my experience was the hand written Thank you on my receipt. That really impressed me. I am telling all my friends about you! keep up the great work!
    average rating 100%
    Fast shipping , Great Products 12/09/2019
    By Janel Seier
    I had difficulty in ordering on line, as their PayPal link wasn’t working. Phoned them to order. My clock parts arrived the next day!!
    Everything was exactly as pictured!
    Will order from then again.
    5 ⭐️
    average rating 100%
    Knowledgeable 04/15/2018
    By Heather Sleeman
    Hello: I was very pleased with my order. The sales girl was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful on the phone. I would recommend any of your supplies as they are good quality and decently priced. Thanks again
    average rating 100%
    So far so good!!! 06/19/2020
    By David Scheer
    Ordered this high torque movement for a 42” clock. This is the first clock I’ve assembled and the buying process couldn’t be easier to find the right movement. Thank you for the prompt shipment and great service!!!
    average rating 100%
    Tapered hands 07/09/2018
    By Jan Scheuerman
    Very disappointed in the tapered hands. More peeled paint than not. Need these to be more reliable for customers in my classes. I appreciate your help in remedying the problem by promptly sending new ones.
    average rating 100%
    Great customer service 06/14/2018
    By Kathy Smith
    I received my clock parts and had trouble making uj ng them work. Talked with brittany and she helped me out by sending a new part. So far so good. Really love the resp ik nse time I got. Thank you
    average rating 100%
    Happy Customer 04/02/2019
    By Willy
    The clock movement and set of hands were received excellent condition and within the time frame promised.
    The clock movement was installed approximately one week ago and is keeping perfect time.
    average rating 100%
    GREAT SERVICE 04/14/2020
    By Donna Ryan
    I was so happy to get my clock part. I had a beautiful clock face that had the element broken. We took it off and installed the one from Bear Woods and it worked perfectly! One happy customer here!
    average rating 100%
    So happy 05/29/2021
    By Stephanie
    I'm so happy to have my clock running again. I tried to find a replacement clock, but none were as lovely as the one I already had, so I opted to repair it with a new clock motor. It works great!
    average rating 100%
    Very helpful. 12/06/2020
    By Dave Vore
    Tried to order online but couldn't get items into shopping cart. Called customer service and they were very helpful. Representative made sure I had exactly what I needed. Highly recommend.
    average rating 100%
    works like a charm 11/27/2017
    By Manja Parent
    Needed replacement for my huge 'train station - type' clock and was worried because dials are giant. Well, this works better than original (original was accumulating lag). great choice!
    average rating 100%
    CLOCK MOVEMENTS 10/12/2017
    The clock movement I received for my large wooden clock I made worked very well. I got my package from Bear Woods Supply very quickly and was extremely happy with my purchases.
    average rating 100%
    Satisfied Customer 04/02/2019
    By Anthony Hidalgo
    Product was exactly what I needed. Came quickly and the instructions to measure made it foolproof that I was ordering the proper product. I recommend you guys highly.
    average rating 100%
    Great Products 06/17/2021
    By TR Stewart
    This is the second clock movement that I’ve ordered from Bearwood. They are easy to install and work well. Thanks for taking the guess work out of the order process.
    average rating 100%
    Finally clock is working 02/07/2020
    Had a very large wall clock that had never worked correctly becuuase of the long arms on the face. This high tourque motor was easy to install and works perfectly!!
    average rating 100%
    Worked like a charm! 07/07/2020
    By Lawrence Holland
    The product arrived promptly in excellent condition. After years of having a non-functioning clock, this new clock mechanism got it working again. We are thrilled!
    average rating 100%
    Arrived quickly 07/26/2018
    By Candice Sheriff
    We were so pleased to get our order nice and quickly! It came a couple days before our big show- we were a bit behind on ordering, but so happy to receive in time!
    average rating 100%
    Happy Customer 04/09/2021
    By Tracy Fjeldal
    A faulty large-faced wall clock was delivered. I have never repaired moving parts of a clock. But kudos to me for Bear Woods coming to the rescue. Thank you !!
    average rating 100%
    Service is flawless 01/07/2019
    By Martin Vendryes
    With respect to review, your service is flawless. Thank you. Though I've only infrequently needed your products, it's always been a positive experience.
    average rating 100%
    Good product 03/18/2024
    By Greg B
    Worked exactly as needed. Great guide to measuring on the site, and helpful videos for how to install. I’m happy to support a site that’s not Amazon!
    average rating 100%
    High Torque Clock Movements 09/17/2018
    By Alison Lampman
    Works well. I made a clock out of a cable spool end and the this torque clock movement fit perfectly in the centre circle of the spool end.
    average rating 100%
    Extremely satisfied 12/07/2018
    By Robert Andrews
    Worked great right out of the package. I had tried clocks from other manufacturers with varying success. Your clock went together easily.
    average rating 100%
    High torque clock movement 11/10/2018
    By Paula Belyea
    Excellent service. Product arrived within quoted time.
    Assembled and set in my homemade pallet clock and working perfectly!! Very happy.
    average rating 100%
    worked 06/12/2018
    By David Lightfoot
    Used mechanism in a protected outdoor clock as a replacement. Initially is working well. Should see how it really is in a year or so.
    average rating 100%
    USA Made High Torque Clock Movements to Make Large Clocks (Up to 5/8" Dial Face) 09/19/2018
    By Larry Cart
    You were very supportive in choosing the correct clockworks for my requirements. Thanks you. Also, thank you for your speedy delivery.
    average rating 100%
    Awesome 08/15/2019
    By Glenn Young
    This is one of many purchases from Bear Woods. Products are top-notch, shipping is very fast, customer service is beyond reproach
    average rating 100%
    Works like a charm! 09/04/2018
    By Janet Ferguson
    Ordered the correct clock movement and was able to use the existing clock hands. VERY HAPPY with my purchase;I thank you.
    average rating 100%
    Clock parts 10/30/2018
    By Robert Froese
    Service was great. Delivery was very quick. I am very happy with your company Thank You. Robert
    average rating 80%
    Broken Piece 01/21/2018
    By Donna Siebert
    All good except the black hand adjustment piece on the back of one of the clock motors fell off right out of the package.
    average rating 100%
    Great product 11/21/2017
    By Anna Friesen
    Made a 40 inch clock for my mom it would be going in her bedroom so I didn't want ticking at all. This works perfectly.

    Install a FRESH Duracell or Energizer Battery (But not a rechargeable type).  In our experience, these are the only batteries that are reliable for clock mechanisms. Sometimes you will even try a separate pack as not all new packs have perfect batteries.

    Choose hands - the options here will fit your clock motor. We recommend our new, balanced hands.

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