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Wood Burning Quick Start Kit by Colwood USA with 5 Removable Tips

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average rating 97%
8 reviews
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Quick Start Wood Burning Kit for Beginners: Colwood Detailer with 5 Pyrography Tips

Launch your burning creativity with this wood burning kit for beginners! This kit comes with all the essentials you need to start your pyrography journey. 

It comes with the Colwood Detailer, one of the most popular wood burners in the pyrography community. With consistent, reliable heat and the ability to burn soft and hard woods, this burner is a versatile choice that fits in the budget.

The Detailer comes with a handpiece cord that is perfect for helping you get dark burns and fine details. The terminal where the cord connects to the Detailer makes for a solid heat connection and easy cord changes.

Along with the Detailer, this wood burning kit for beginners has a replaceable-tip handpiece (also known as a wand or pyrography pen). Colwood handpieces are lightweight, easy to hold, and feel very similar to holding a regular pen. The cork sleeve protects your fingers from the heat as you burn to your heart’s content. The replaceable tip allows you to use a larger variety of tip styles with minimal storage space.

To get you started, you will also get 5 professional-grade wood burning tips. These tips are specifically designed to help you get smooth shading, clean lines, and beautiful lettering.

You also get the EZ tip puller which takes all the difficulty out of changing the tips. You simply squeeze the puller on the base of the wood burning tip and pull it out.

You’ll be amazed at what you can create with this hot pyrography kit.

You also get a cleaning cloth and honing paper. The cleaning cloth helps you keep those wood burning tips bright and burning hot. The honing paper is great for polishing the tips when you notice a finer carbon build up that doesn’t come off with the cleaning cloth.

Start your pyrography journey off right with this foundational wood burning kit for beginners!

WHAT'S INCLUDED with the Wood Burning Value Bundle:


  • Colwood Detailer Professional Wood Burning Machine
  • Replaceable-Tip Handpiece
  • EZ Tip Puller
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Honing Paper
  • 5 Wood Burning Tips, including:
  1. WB-BLarge Point Tip (1/4”) - Largest of the straight point tips which can be used for doing straight lines of varying weight or outlining.
  2. WB-CWriting Tip - useful for any curved lines or marks. Used for burning plaques and designs, and for signs.
  3. WB-D–Small Round Tip (3/16”) - Tips Bent on an Angle can be used for a variety of shading purposes without putting your hand in an awkward position.
  4. WB-JTight Round Tip - Allows you to easily make straight or curved lines in a tight radius, and it can also be laid flat on its side and used as a shader in tight spaces.
  5. WB-SShading Tip (3/16”) 

We also offer the Detailer in a kit with 9 Tips if you are looking for options.

This control unit is design to operate on 120V and NOT intended for use in countries where 220V is the standard.

220V units are available by special order, click here for more information.

Average rating:
average rating 97%
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
woudl recommend 04/25/2022
By Larry
very good quality set. What little I have used it, it does a superb job. like being able to control heat according to tip style and wood. service was superb and would purchase again. rating 4.5 -5.0
average rating 100%
great product 04/20/2021
By CaLane Craft N Tumbler
The wood burning kit has been great fun to work with. I have absolutely enjoyed learning to use the burner and also doing business with this company. Will definitely keep doing business.
average rating 100%
Works Great 12/30/2022
By Eric K
This wood burner works flawlessly, heats up fast and the tips cool fast making changing them a breeze. I purchased it before the price increased by $30.00.
average rating 80%
Not happy 01/07/2023
By Rosemary McCane
The kits were fine but just disappointed that I couldn't get another one at the same price. A $30 jump in price at once was a lot.
average rating 100%
Very happy! 12/15/2023
By Russ Povenz
Great product, great delivery time, and fair/reasonable price. Keep up the good work, and I'll be ordering from you again.
average rating 100%
Very pleased 03/27/2021
By Shawn Goldsberry
The Colwood Detailer kit and all the tips I ordered have helped me enjoy wood burning more and make better projects.
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 12/31/2022
By Barbara Jensen
Great value, prompt delivery. Thank you, this was a gift and he was excited to receive it!
average rating 100%
Quick delivery great product 06/14/2022
By Josh Ryan
This was everything I hopes it would be. Thank you for quick delivery.

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