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High Torque (High Power) Pendulum Movements (up to 3/8" thick dial face) C Cell

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Our Product Code: Q-22
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High Power Pendulum Quartz Clock Movements (Up to 3/8" Thick Dial Face)

Compact High Torque Pendulum Mechanisms Features:

  • Hands and pendulums are sold separately
  • Accurate Within 2 Minutes A Year
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OK for outdoor use if sheltered from rain

Need help finding the right movement? Learn more here, or if you need further clarification, contact us.

  • Dimensions: 2-1/4" x 3-1/8" x 1"
  • Overall Shaft Length: 7/8"
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: 7/16"
  • Runs on 1 C Cell Size battery
  • Runs hands between 5 and 18 inches long
  • Works with Material up to 3/8" thick

  • Hardware Included

  • Brass Washer
  • Hex Nut
  • Closed End Cap

  • Optional Hardware

    Add an Black Endcap for $0.50
    Add an Open End Nut for $0.50

    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    9 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

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    Grandpas Clock 06/04/2018
    By john jewart
    This clock & pendulum movement saved Grandpas clock. The clock is a 4ft wall
    clock with a very complex setup. It is
    over 100 years old an was used in the
    town hall in a small up state N.Y. village.
    With the use of wet cell batteries it could
    be set up to ring bells in many different
    rooms at different times. The bell ringing
    setup is now inactive but the clocks face
    and the clocks original looks are intact.
    Thank you for your help in pulling off this
    project. the clock looks and runs great.
    I hope she has another 100 years left
    in her.

    average rating 100%
    High torque pendulum mechanism. 01/17/2018
    By Paul Jutras
    Everything fit and works perfectly. The hands were a bit long. I had extra hands from other clocks I had made or bought.
    I have 3 other clocks that need new mechanisms so I'll be in touch soon.
    Paul Jutras
    average rating 100%
    Everything was great! 01/16/2018
    By Paul Jutras
    Parts arrived today, everything was great! I actually had a pair of hands that are the proper length for the dial I have. Everything looks good.
    I have three other clocks that need new mechanisms. I will be in touch soon.
    average rating 100%
    Dear sir 04/25/2018
    By Ron Hole
    Great/ excellent service. Everything fit perfectly. The young lady who helped us sure knew her buisness. And very polite. Great customer service !
    average rating 100%
    Clock movement and accessories 08/25/2017
    By Arnold Elias
    The items I received are of excellent quality, and my purchase transaction was very pleasant! I will certainly return to "Bear" for future purchases.
    average rating 100%
    great-5 star 08/20/2018
    By Bernie Greenberg
    perfect, the hands and pendulum from the clock i had fit perfect with the Q-22. The lady i talked with to start was great and helpfull.
    average rating 100%
    good product 03/19/2018
    By jacques corcos
    correspond exactly to my expectations. Works perfectly well. Easy to install.
    Easy to order and good follow up from the company
    average rating 100%
    Was as described 01/22/2020
    By Timothy Squires
    Worked fine to replace the D battery window old wall clock. Keeps perfect time and the pendulum swings just fine.
    average rating 100%
    High torque pendulum movement to 3/8 face c cell 01/28/2019
    By Robert F Clancy
    Works perfectly.

    Install a FRESH Duracell or Energizer Battery (But not a rechargeable type).  In our experience, these are the only batteries that are reliable for clock mechanisms. Sometimes you will even try a separate pack as not all new packs have perfect batteries.

    Choose hands - the options here will fit your clock motor. We recommend our new, balanced hands.

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