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Bandsaw by Pegas of Switzerland

Average rating:
average rating 95%
21 reviews
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Part #: PEGAS-14-Bandsaw
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The most accurate bandsaw - from Pegas! Featuring Pegas Blades

It's important to note that this Saw weighs over 150lbs (pounds) and we advise customers to have someone available to assist with the delivery.

Shipping will come to a total of $180 to $300 depending on your proximity to New Jersey. For the bandsaw only, you won't be charged any shipping originally, so please pay what is asked at checkout. When your saw is ready to ship, we'll be in touch to collect the freight charge based on your actual shipping rate.

Pégas® Scroll Band Saw - 14 Inch:

​The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw is a precision machine using Pégas® Scroll Band saw blades, the finest and most accurate blades ever produced.

This unique and innovative concept is intended for informed users, from hobbyists to skilled professionals.

The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw was developed in Switzerland and made in Taiwan to Pégas®specifications and quality requirements.



Pégas® Scroll Band Saw Features


- Heavy-duty cast iron frame for higher longevity and stability

- Precision-balanced aluminum wheels to avoid vibrations

- Long-lasting armid (similar to Kevlar) tires for durability

- Two speeds settings allow you to cut wood or soft metal—Using the same blade (Note: cutting metal will wear out the blade faster than cutting wood).

- Blade protection guard to keep your fingers away from the sharp blade

- Heavy-duty cast iron table with a 40° tilting capability one way, and 10° tilting capability the other way

- Highly efficient dust collection system located directly under the work table for optimal suction and collection.

- The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw has been certified CE by TÜV Rheinland



The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw Comes With:


- 1 each #9 band saw blade

- 1 each #12 band saw blade (installed)

- The Pégas® Precision Guide System including top and bottom Pégas® Precision blade guides (see below)

- Pégas® Universal Bearings that accommodate the #9, #11, and #12 blades

- The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw Stand, designed to support the saw and put it at the optimal position for most users

- Instruction manual


NOTE: The Pégas® Scroll Band Saw sold in North America does not include the LED light mentioned in the owner’s manual.



Learn About the Pégas® Precision Guide System:


The Pégas® Precision Guide System allows you to use band saw blades as small as a #5 scroll saw blade (1mm or 1/32” wide).

The guide system supports the bearings that support the blades.

Each pair of bearings (one on top and one on the bottom) feature slots precision machined to match the width and optimal depth for each blade size.

The slots are deep enough to support the blade without damaging the alternating set on the blades.

When you change blade sizes, you must change the bearings. You cannot use the Pégas® Band Saw Blades on any other saw.

The precision guide system allows you to cut complex shapes and tight circles in wood up to 6” (150mm).


More blades? Yes, we have them. Here's helpful info below.

Size Approx. Fractional Inch (mm) Blade Width decimal inch Blade thickness inch (mm) Cutting Trace inch (mm) TPI
5 1/32” (1) 0.0402 0.0142 (0.36) 0.0157 (.040) 13.4
7 3/64” (1.25) 0.0488 0.0157 (0.40) 0.0181 (0.46) 11.8
9 1/16” (1.5) 0.0527 0.0173 (0.44) 0.0204 (0.52) 10.5
11 5/64” (1.8) 0.0709 0.0197 (0.50) 0.0244 (0.62) 9.2
12 3/32” (2) 0.0787 0.0197 (0.50) 0.0248 (0.63) 8.9
14 1/8” (3) 0.1181 0.0197 (0.50) 0.0256 (0.65) 8.2

The floor footprint is 21" x 27", and the table is 41" off the ground.
The manual suggests a space of 28" x 32" to be able to use the saw comfortably.


 2 year parts warranty.

Service directly from the manufacturer via their office in New Jersey, USA.  Need support on the saw? We'll provide you with contact information to speak to trained service staff who also has the support of a highly trained technician.  From time to time a part will need servicing beyond what we can help with by phone and sending parts.  In those cases, we'll arrange for the saw to be sent to New Jersey.

Average rating:
average rating 95%
21 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Amazing! 11/19/2019
By Lori Corbett
When I first heard of this type of saw, I was skeptical, but very curious. I'm so happy "curious" won. This amazing saw is able to make extremely intricate cuts, even on thick wood. Because of the small blade size, it is imperative that you let the saw do the work, and don't try to force it. The dual speed is a good option to have available, too. I cut on high speed, and trust me the cuts are clean (none of those bandsaw ripples), and didn't burn the wood like the smaller tabletop saws tend to do.

This is worth every penny. Easy to set up, though a tiny bit fussy with the blade adjustment (but that could be user caused 😉). Very sturdy construction - I think this will last a good long time.
average rating 100%
Happy Customers 03/18/2020
By Jim Hiser
It took me a year to finally buy this saw. I can say I am very pleased with this saw and how it preforms. It has a slight learning curve. It is Very accurate from thin to thick wood. I cut carving blanks and with this saw I can cut them out in less time than before. The only complaint is the manual could be better but a quick online search I found a video by Bob Duncan on setting the saw up. This is a welcome addition to my shop.
average rating 100%
Great quality 12/13/2019
By Dwayne
Superior quality, easy assembly and set up. This machine makes cutting fun again. The time I save using this machine helps me get back to carving

1000% recommend this machine for anyone who’s looking for an amazing band saw
average rating 100%
VERY Happy; Room for CPI 08/18/2022
By Michael Chamberlain
Extremely happy with this bandsaw! but, room for improvement. Had all details ready to provide (6787 chars), but review only allows 1000 chars. Please let me know if I can somehow provide all my feedback for you in some way? - email? - may be helpful to you moving forward with production and distribution? Unable to include much at all in this review.

LOVE this bandsaw so far!

1. No Stand Assembly Guide at all; referenced ("Follow the instructions on both annexed sheets", p5). Did find this, helping some: https://youtu.be/qbqpbqZGIco

2. Table alignment stop nut is wrong size?

4. Stand Parts List turned and stapled wrong way in book (needs to be flipped).

5. Larger blade came installed, but smaller Table insert came installed (might reverse that in shipping?).

6. Setup does not desc how to actually remove and install small circular table insert.

7. Grammer in Setup Instructions really needs to be improved.

8. Update Instructions: Light not included & On/Off switch different.
average rating 100%
Love This Saw 03/25/2023
By Dave W
I stopped making intarsia pieces a few years ago because cutting on a scroll saw was hurting my hands. Cutting on this saw is a breeze in comparison. No more need to constantly hold down the piece so it doesn't snap up and down. I also found that because of the constant downward motion of the blade, it doesn't require as much adhesive to hold paper patterns to the work. And every piece is cut very square. I estimate I cut pieces in 10 hours that would have taken 50 hours using the scroll saw.
I debated long about buying this or a "regular" band saw (I would also like to resaw). Now I realize they're two different tools - you're not going to cut intarsia pieces well on a regular band saw and you're not going to resaw on this one. Getting back to intarsia was more important to me so I chose this and glad I did. Now I'll be saving for a regular band saw.
average rating 60%
disappointed 03/13/2020
By Charlie Arnold
Package arrived on time and undamaged. All components loose, not tightened. Stand works and fits. But ... blade will not track, spent more time reinstalling blade than sawing. Set blade to track mid wheel, as instructed , (not on back quarter as shown in photo below). It seems blade will "work harden" if left riding heavily on the bearing guide. Latch for upper wheel cover interferes with upper bearing height adjustment. (removed offending little angle parts and replaced with a good rubber band.) No door interlock on either wheel cover as note in specs. Soft start is nice.
I trust when I return from holiday 3/28 you will have some solution to the tracking. I have adjusted to track mid wheel, sometimes stays put, sometime jumps off. Can not "back out" of a cut.
Best regards, Charlie Arnold

Our responseHi Charlie, we'll be happy to walk you through any challenges. Please contact our office, and we'll arrange a time for someone to walk you through some adjustments. You may also want to refer to the video by Jeff Vollmer hosted on our product listing for the bandsaw to see some tips on setting up and adjusting the saw.
average rating 60%
Surprised. 01/03/2020
By Dean Irving
Have two issues. First, the instructions need a lot of improvement. Only instructions to assemble the stand is are "Follow the instructions on both annexed sheets." Didn't have any instructions other than a "stand diagram." Second, and more troubling issue, was the Pegas popped the circuit breaker every time it was turned on. My regular bandsaw and dust collector ran no problem. Called my electrician and he agreed it was the zPegas. Opened up the box on top of the motor where the power cord went into and saw clamp connectors. Cut those off, replaced with wire nuts and voila, no more circuit breaker pops. May want to make a note in case you get calls about circuit breaker popping; simple fix vs paying to ship back.

Our responseHi Mr. Irving, thanks for your feedback. This was the only instance we have heard after 2 years of supplying the bandsaw. Thanks for sharing. We are working on an upgraded owner's manual as well.
average rating 100%
Can I live up to the saw? 09/09/2022
By Steve’s Weaver
I am just beginning to use my new Pegas scroll bandsaw but I can already see the new horizons that I might attempt with this saw. I haven’t used the 9 blade yet but the 12 has Allowed me to cut closer and tighter than anything I would have attempted with my Rikon bandsaw. I never thought I had a chance of owning a Pegas but my really nice wife surprised me for my birthday. Hopefully my projects live up to the saw. I am really impressed with the components of the saw and dealing with Bear Woods was flawless.
average rating 100%
Wonderful Pegas Bandsaw! 10/24/2022
By Randy Vaughn-Dotta
I recently ordered the Pegas Scroll Bandsaw with extra blades and roller guides. Everything arrived promptly, safely and with no damage.

Lifting the heavy saw out of the box and onto the stand is best done with 2 persons.

My very first project was a crowd pleaser with family and friends. Can't wait to get back out to the garage to make more intricate cuts and Christmas gifts.
average rating 100%
Great Bandsaw 11/17/2020
By David Giles
I upgraded from a 19" Grizzly bandsaw. Oh what a difference! This little BS is everything that you pay for. Fit and finish are great. Bolts fit exactly. It is heavier than it looks.
Toss the bearing guards to access the bearings. Immediately made bandsaw boxes from 4.5" maple. For the first time. Cuts smooth and precise. I am in love.
average rating 100%
happy customer 02/26/2022
By James Carey
Excellent Product. able to cut sharp curves without breakage. Smooth cuts, very little sanding. Great for making bandsaw boxes up to 5 inches thick. Small kerf space between drawers and shell of box Not for straight cuts-have another band saw w/fence for this purpose. If you are into making bandsaw boxes ,this is the tool for you
average rating 100%
Excellent Quality 11/28/2019
By Michael Murray
This Band Saw is a one of a kind tool! The tight turns I can make with this makes box making a joy. I have been using the #9 blade, but will be ordering a #5 for some small ring boxes. The design and build of this saw is solid. If you try this saw in person you will be purchasing it.
average rating 100%
Very pleased 06/16/2022
By Jim
Love the saw. Instructions for assembly could be better. It helped that I have a bandsaw and therefore was familiar with the parts. Shipping and packaging was very good. Have always been pleased with your company and would recommend to anyone. Thanks for being a great company.
average rating 100%
happy customer 04/14/2021
By Terez Hjetland
I ordered the Pegas scroll bandsaw. Before I ordered it I talked to customer service and they answered all my questions. The order was placed and it came a few days later. Couldn't be happier with the scroll bandsaw and customer service.
average rating 100%
Cutting Away 03/13/2020
By Carol Leavy
Been playing with my new toy, (scroll saw on steroids). There was a very small learning curve and I was off to the wood. Impressed with the cutting capabilities of the saw. It will do what I need it to do. As they say: "This will cut."
average rating 80%
great quality 03/01/2024
The saw is fine Bearwoods has alot to be desired.Impossible to ask questions and talk to anyone,2 scroll saws and 1 band saw and they could care less about you.
average rating 100%
Satisfied and excited 06/14/2020
By Anthony
Only recently received my Pegas scroll-band saw and haven’t had the opportunity to assemble yet. Excited to try it out.
average rating 100%
Love the Pegas 10/07/2022
By Judy Buxton
Although I love the Pegas it did not come with instructions to put together the stand (what they call annex one).
average rating 100%
happy 06/18/2022
By Ricky Durrant
saw works great need a little more set up instructions as far as tension
average rating 100%
very pleased 01/20/2020
By Ronald Munden
I have not used it much yet, but it appears to be a quality product.
average rating 100%
great quality 06/04/2021
By David Whitelaw
Love the saw, wish it had a built in fence

The band saw ships with the #12 installed. It goes in the left groove in the top bearing and the right groove in the bottom bearing. To use the #9 blade, remove and flip the so the other blades will go in the other machined slots.

Learn Band Saw setup with Jeff Vollmer. Jeff is a world-renowned author and annual instructor on making bandsaw boxes at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

Learn How to Set Up The Bandsaw when it arrives at your door.

Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse. Shipping is by pallet with a liftgate service that lowers the pallet at your front door. You may need some assistance to transport the saw to your workshop. We have sold dozens of saws and are only hearing goodness about the shipping service.

Demonstration Videos:

Shipping Details Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse. Shipping is by pallet with a liftgate service that lowers the pallet at your front door. You may need some assistance to transport the saw to your workshop. We have sold dozens of saws and are only hearing goodness about the shipping service.

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