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Pegas 21" Scroll Saw

Average rating:
average rating 96%
94 reviews
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Part #: PEGAS-21-Scroll-Saw
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Pegas 21" Scroll Saw

Pegas® Scroll Saws are high-precision tools, which with a minimum amount of maintenance, will provide reliable service and great satisfaction for many years.

The Pegas is the most modernly engineered, (and we think best looking) scroll saw available.  Read on to see why.  Users instantly notice the difference, even from other similar saws, including easier blade changes, quieter operation and less vibration.

Each 21" Pegas Scroll Saw purchase comes with:


Why is the Pegas Scroll Saw better?

While it’s made in the same factory in Taiwan where the Excalibur scroll saw used to be made, Pegas® has added Swiss precision and engineering to their stunning scroll saw. A) Let’s start with a beefed up chassis featuring a B) reinforced web in the connecting rod and vertical rocker and C) needle bearings pressed into the rocker arm as opposed to a sleeve and bolt connection that is prone to wear and failure.

D) Next, the saw comes with the revolutionary Pegas® Blade Chuck Heads installed, which is a $99 value! These precision-machined blade clamps, manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, can be adjusted easily to grip blades better than any other clamp on the market, and weigh less to reduce wear on your machine. See 150+ Positive Reviews just on the clamps here.

E) Finally, the table boasts a thick, scratch-resistant coating that prevents corrosion and make the wood slide easier. The saw still boasts the precision rack-and-pinion system that tilts the saw head to make angled cuts (instead of tilting the table). F) It tilts a full 45-degrees to the right, and 35-degrees to the left (because of the dust collection port). G) It also positions all of the primary controls (speed, power, and blade tension) at the front of the top saw arm.

A Saw Stand and Foot Switch are available as add-ons.


Pegas® Scroll Saws Offer Many Valuable Benefits!

    • The Head can be tilted by 45°-35° to left or right. The blade tilts rather than the table to achieve better control, precision and comfort.
    • The Upper Arm lifts to allow easy and rapid blade changes: a real advantage for work involving various interior cuts - this makes threading blades a whole lot easier!
    • Even quicker blade changing thanks to the Pegas® Blade Chuck Heads. The manual blade-clamping system does not require the use of a tool. Meanwhile the tensioning system allows the same tension to be applied to the blade whenever it is changed.
    • Easy access to the start/stop switch and the speed regulator, positioned on the front of the upper arm.
    • The onboard dust blower paired with the dust collector provide direct and efficient dust extraction. To attach your vacuum to the dust collection port, you can slide a hose inside the port, or use expansion or reducing sleeves to connect your dust collection system.

We also carry a 30" Pegas Scroll Saw, click here to check it out


Pegas 21 Inch Scroll Saw Manual

Pegas 21 Inch Scroll Saw Parts List

Specifications 21" Scroll Saw from Pegas
Throat Depth (Blade to the back of the saw) 21 inches
Total Length | Width | Height 32 inches | 15 inches | 15 inches
Blade Tilt Range 45º
Max Cutting Depth 2.05 inches 
Speed RPM | Motor 400 - 1400 RPM |1.5 Amp on 110V
Table Size 13.5 inches wide  x 23.5 inches deep
Weight | Origin 65 lbs | Taiwan

1 year parts warranty.
Please inspect the saw upon unboxing and notify us immediately of anything you see that concerns you. Service directly from the manufacturer via their office in New Jersey, USA. Need support on the saw? We'll provide you with contact information to speak to trained service staff who also has the support of a highly trained technician. From time to time a part will need servicing beyond what we can help with by phone and sending parts. In those cases, we'll arrange for the saw to be sent to New Jersey.

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Average rating:
average rating 96%
94 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Great Product 10/02/2020
By Tori Watkins
So this being my very first scrollsaw I really have nothing to compare it with. So I will review everything I like about it so far. First the shipping was fantastic, everything arrived w/no issues. it was packaged very well. No issues setting everything up and getting started right out the box. I really like how quiet the saw is during operation. The dust collection works really well also. The saw comes with a small sample pack of MGT, and Super Skip Blades in various sizes. They work great for starting but I highly recommend ordering the sample pack after you get comfortable with the saw. I ordered the footswitch which is very useful. I also ordered the stand but I don't plan on using it until later when I get more space in my garage so for now the scrollsaw is on top of my work bench which is perfect height for me. Hope this helps anyone starting out and thinking about this saw. Shoutout to my Air Force Brother Jed @ RCWOODFAB on Instagram he inspired me to start scrolling
average rating 100%
Super happy! 11/05/2021
By Carlis Lawson
I can't imagine be happier with any other saw. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this one and I believe it paid off. Quiet, smooth, and powerful. The dust collection works very well and has been something I didn't use on my previous saw(Delta SS350). My saw adjustment was set up perfectly square with the table right out of the box. I purchased the stand with the saw and it's perfect. Solid and adjustable height is just right for me. The only issue I had was the membrane under the saw table for the dust collection was missing. I emailed Eden at customer service and got a response almost immediately. She said she'd get one in the mail to me right away. For customer service, this company can't be beat! My saw was one that was delayed due to unforseen issues but Eden kept me updated regularly. I'll be a regular customer with this company from now on.
average rating 100%
Great Saw, Great Service 02/17/2022
I replaced a mid grade saw with this Pegas and am thrilled I did. The saw shifted or something during shipment and a couple of pieces got broken but Bear Woods was quick to replace the pieces. I was up and running 2 days after opening the saw. Great service. And many apologies for the minor inconvenience.
BTW the nickel test indeed proved how smooth this saw runs.
average rating 100%
Just what I expected 05/02/2023
By bruce kryzer
This is my third scroll saw. My first was a used Hagner. After about 8 years it was time to replace it. A used Hawk was on Craig's list and it became my second. Fast forward 5 years and I finally bought my first new saw, the Pegas. It is the one I was always looking for. Quiet, no noticeable vibration, and a dust collection device, the first two things were almost there on the others, but they fell a little short. Add the ability of sawing for a couple hours and not have a lap and belly covered in dust and it's the best of the 3. Just what I expected.
The other feature that really is making my hobby better is the way the top arm swings up. You lock in the top end of the blade, swing it down and the bottom is in place for locking into the bottom support. No need to see it, it's right there, in the right place.
I didn't opt for the factory table, I built a tripod styled table and tipped the back up about 2 inches so it would be easier to look straight down on what I was doing.
average rating 100%
Outstanding Scroll Saw 07/12/2019
By Nevada Woodchuck
My saw finally arrived! It was extremely well packed and completely assembled. After getting it mounted on its stand I aligned the blade, plugged it in, and spent about four hours on it. The Pegas blade clamp/tension lever is outstanding, and being able to raise the arm high enough to insert fretwork is awesome. The saw is very quiet with very little vibration, and cutting straight lines has never been easier. Everything is mounted on a wheeled base, and the vibration is so minor that I didn't have to lock the wheels. The extra parts provided might one day come in handy, but this saw is so well made that I expect many hours of usage before needing to use them. The dust collector would be great if I had a vacuum that was quiet enough to run when sawing, it will probably come off. This saw is a real pleasure to use, and I expect that I'll be spending many hours making sawdust. I'm totally happy with this saw, and if your looking for a scroll saw, you need look no further.
average rating 100%
Great Saw with a couple negativess 02/08/2020
By Dan Urban
The Pegas Scroll Saw is the best saw I ever used, by a good margin. My old saw was an Excalibur 30"; a fine saw, but nothing like the Pegas. It is smooth and quiet, doing everything I ask of it. The soft start is really nice.
Now the negatives:
1. The dust extraction system consists of a coupling for a 2 1/2" vacuum connected to a piece of light plastic which surrounded the holes on the table. The blade rubbed against the plastic, making such a loud noise that I immediately removed it, so I don't know if it actually collected dust or not.
2. A collection of blades (nice touch) and some advertising were tightly glued to the table. It took me at least 20 minutes to remove all the adhesive. Even now I can still see marks. Why did the manufacturers use such a strong adhesive for something they knew would be removed right away??
I spent too many words describing two minor (but attention grabbing) negatives. This is a fantastic saw! I'm just delighted with it.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 03/11/2023
By Ray Vader
I recently purchased the Pegas Scroll saw. I have been scrolling for 25 plus years now. I started with a 19" Sears craftsman, after about 3 years or so, I purchased the Excalibur saw. It was a great saw, used it for 10 years. Then I purchased the General scroll saw, it was good but replaced it with the SEYCO saw. it was a great saw. Then I started talking to people about the Pegas saw. After several years contemplating the move to the Peags, I made the jump. After using the Pegas for a couple of months, I'm very impressed with the new saw. I wish that I had made the jump sooner. It is a much smoother operating saw than the ones I have previously owned. The other saws were top of the line and are very good but the Pegas is just a step above the others. I use my saw an average of about 20 to 30 hours weekly, so a good saw is vital to me. I highly recommend this saw. By the way I'm a top blade feeder and that makes this saw great for fret work.
average rating 100%
Great Saw 10/26/2021
I have worked my way up from a craftsman 16" to a Porter Cable, watching all of Steve Goods Videos and cutting his free patterns after I got really frustrated with the Porter Cable I then moved into the Dewalt DW788 for about 5 years. I have been looking at this modern marvel for quite some time and finally made the jump. I got mine delivered last week. after about an hour of building the frame I opened the box. I was very impressed with the way it was packed. the saw was in pristine condition. I had my thoughts that UPS would destroy it on the way to me. I have been using the saw now for a week and I'm very impressed with the operation and the ease of use (once I took off all of the factory safety brackets top and bottom) the saw was very easy to use, I would have preferred that the table would have had a little more room in the front but I'm learning to deal with that. over all I give the saw a thumbs up and five stars.
average rating 100%
Best scroll saw 05/13/2021
By Matt Humby
To say I am pleased with this saw would be an understatement.
Upgrading from my old 16" Delta to the 21' Pegas is like night and day.
The first thing I noticed right from the beginning was the lack of vibration this saw has. I had tried everything I could think of to lessen the vibration on my previous saw but when I set up the Pegas it was so smooth right out of the box. No loud noise, and no shaking of the work bench make scrolling so much more enjoyable.
I can’t say enough about the blade chuck head on this saw. It makes blade changing so easy and quick. The slipping of blades is no longer an issue due to the upper and lower clamps.
The blower tube and the shop vac hook up are great additions that this saw comes with.
This machine is so great to work I could spend hours sitting at this saw cutting away.
I recommend this saw to anyone looking to upgrade.
average rating 100%
What a great saw! 12/26/2023
By Lindsay Hahn
The saw was my Christmas present and I was so excited, having wanted this for the past couple of years. I will say the directions for putting the stand together were awful and need to be re-done with attention to details. And the footprint of the stand seems unnecessarily large. But when I mounted the saw and turned it on .... it was so smooth I could barely believe it. And the blade changing is wonderful! So simple! It is hard to see the bottom blade clamping assembly so I mounted a small magnetic light under there and that helped. I think the directions for using the saw would confound a "newbie," especially the part on mounting the blade. I love this saw itself and am able to put more detail into my work than ever before. It is such a pleasure to use. My 5 star rating is just for the saw. If you're looking for someone to rewrite your directions, let me know!
average rating 100%
Great Quality 09/26/2022
By Earl Miner
The Pegas 21" Scroll Saw was shipped to me and arrived in excellent condition. This saw has very little if any vibration and is very quiet. The table is very heavy duty with a nice finish that lets you cut and move the wood without any resistance. The saw is very heavy, the shipping box says 82 pounds and ships with a nice sample pack of Pegas blades.
Bear Woods kept me informed on the status of my order as I preordered so I would get the saw after it arrived in the USA. The quality of this saw is the best of any tool I have ever purchased. You can tell that Pegas takes pride in their products as well as their quality control.
If your new to scroll saws or upgrading your scroll saw, Pegas Scroll Saws and one of the finest you can purchase, (and it is not made in China.)
average rating 100%
Happy 11/07/2021
By Debbie Y.
bought for my husband and He was very happy.. It was quieter than I thought it would be, all had to do was tighten up on the blade and all was ready to cut. Mike is a first time scroller so he tested it out and cut out a heart, which i have a showed all my family. The stand came a couple days later and he was able to put together by the image on the sheet(not really any installation instructions with it).
He with to your Facebook page and placed some directions on putting the stand together.
Very surprised that the blades came in so quickly, wished the saw had came to but I understood why there was a delay which was none of Bearwoods fault.. appreciated the emails keeping me updated on the order came quicker than even you had predicted in your email.. THANKS Michael
average rating 100%
Great Experience 12/21/2022
By David Dempsey
I ordered the Pegas 21" scroll saw and stand. The process was easy as 1 2 3. It arrived much faster than I anticipated. It was packed very well. Now for the saw, this thing is amazing. It is so well built. It runs as smooth as silk. Coming from a much less quality saw, this was a real change. I have completed several intarsia projects now and I can't believe how quickly I get them done. It is so easy to stay on the lines, so the pieces fit together perfectly. Because it runs so smooth you can really feel the grain in the wood, I never felt that before and realized how much I forced the wood, now the blade does the work. I could go on and on about the quality. If your having reservations about the price, it is worth every penny. Thanks Bear Woods for a great experience.
average rating 100%
This saw is perfection! 05/22/2023
By Sarah Meadows
After months of researching scroll saws, I decided to go with the Pegas, and I'm certainly glad I did! It is an absolute delight to use. It's extremely user-friendly for the seasoned and novice woodworker alike. It will be a valuable asset in my workshop and folk art business. As a bonus, it's a gorgeous machine to look at - I'm the envy of my neighbors now! ;) There is absolutely no vibration at all (I'm currently using it on my worktable; I may eventually get a stand for it, but it is not "walking", so it may stay where it is). It's extremely quiet when running. The ease of changing blades and lifting the arm for interior cuts makes this machine a dream to operate. No complaints at all. Don't deliberate for as long as I did. Buy one now!
average rating 100%
Great Quality 03/30/2022
By No
When placing the order no indication of shipment delays. Still have not received my order in its entirety. Communications were only provided after I first reached out to inquire about order status.

Only then did I find out about shipping and cargo ship delay.

I had a specific project that I was trying to complete and needed a scroll saw, I thought. I compromise quality to complete the project. The saw would have absolutely made it easier.

This being said, product is of quality Saw, the stand is TBD as I have not received and still no communications or updates to when I can expect?
Web site is good, original confirmation of order being received was immediate. Not communicated status of equipment available not good.
average rating 100%
Best Purchase Ever! 05/13/2021
By Viviana
I started scrolling last year and bought my first $200 scroll saw, little did I know I would outgrow it as quickly as I did. I decided to make a big business decision and purchase my Pegas, so glad I did! The functionality of it is exactly what I was looking for. Aside from having to level the blade,it comes fully functional and ready to use. My favorite thing was how easy you could thread the blades through tiny drill holes and cut out the insides of letters/designs. Not having to struggle with attaching blades and adjust the tension every time was such a time saver. Not to mention how smooth the cuts were, little to no vibration. Works even better with the Pegas blades. Definitely the best purchase I’ve ever made!
average rating 80%
Great Quality 09/30/2020
By Michael Belle Isle
What can I say about this saw?
First - I would say Bear Woods is a reputable company concerned with the needs of their customers.
Second - I have never really owned, what I now refer to as, a "quality" scroll saw. The Pegas 21" has shown me that I can now produce a quality work without the struggle. My dealings with previous scroll saws was always one of those "Well I'd like to do this in scroll sawing but I know I have to deal with the saw I have." The Pegas 21" is a real joy to use to do scroll sawing work on.

My summation, if this song fits in your budget it is definitely worth the money spent.

I would like to thank Eden of Customer Service for the help with my purchase.
average rating 100%
1st class 03/26/2019
By John K
Bear Woods offered a high end scroll saw at a
Good price they kept me updated as to delivery date .As received the Pegas saw was very well packed and and adjusted properly with regard to aggressiveness of cut ( twenty thousands of an inch front to back movement),initial blade tension adjustment and angular cursor position a spare fuse and replacement wear parts for the tensioning lever and blade clamp were included also a sample pack of assorted blades the Pegas blade clamps are excellent with regard to the design ,machining , fit and finish ,a real bonus .The one minor inconvenience was the lower blade guard which I am not accustomed to and which I removed
average rating 100%
Scroll saw is the best 10/30/2023
By Robert Fredrick
I have had several scroll saws over the years, from entry-level now up to the Pegas. The toolless chucks make fast work of blade changes. Then all you have to do is flip a lever to put tension on the blade. The Pegas is easily able to handle 6/4 material, something one of my previous scroll saws could not do.
I have a woodworking business and spend hours every day on the saw. When you pair this saw with the Pegas Modified geometry blades, you can't beat the quality of the cuts. The amount of tearout on the bottom of the workpiece has been reduced dramatically, and I am happy to say I spend almost no time sanding my work on the scroll saw anymore.
average rating 100%
Great quality 11/27/2019
By Steve Cormier
The scroll saw is an excellent saw. It runs so smooth with no vibration. It takes a little getting use to when your used to vibration from your previous saw. The 21 inch clearance allows for cutting larger projects. No worries about making contact with the frame. The foot switch is something new for me so it will take a little time to change. I also purchased the inspection lamp. The arm could be a little longer. The light is better than the older lamp that I had.
The overall experience with Bear Wood is excellent. I would recommend Bear Wood to anyone as the Pegas 21 scroll saw.
average rating 100%
Smooth & Quiet 11/24/2021
By Edward Panfili
This is an outstanding scroll saw. It is unbelievably vibration free and quiet compared to my Delta 40-694. As a top feeder when doing fretwork, compared to my Delta, the Pegas arm is takes more effort to raise and lower, but trusting that with time, it will be a bit easier to raise and lower. The dust collector is excellent. There is very little dust it doesn't get when I use it. I especially like the tilt function where the table stays level and the head tilts.....great design for those doing inlay work. Would I buy it again? Absolutely!
average rating 100%
Quality product 11/05/2021
By Ron
I purchased the Pegas stand and scroll saw. The stand is heavy duty, assembled easily and fit the saw perfectly. The saw is of high quality, operates very quietly with little vibration and cut great! My favorite feature is that the arm lifts up and holds itself up while threading the blade through the wood. I have used the cheap wen scroll saw and the not cheap dewalt. For the price difference, I would get the Pegas over the Dewalt if your budget allows. The Pegas is a great saw that will allow you to grow in your scrolling techniques.
average rating 100%
Beautiful piece of equipment 10/25/2021
By Thomas Jones
love the new scroll saw. a beautiful piece of equipment. made a few cuts and was impressed. a lot different then my old delta model. I just retired after 51 years with the same company. worked the last 15 in shipping and receiving. we build hoists and cranes for shipyards and factories, so I believe I'm some what of an expert in packing. very impressive job with the packing. the only problem and very minor is the blade somehow became dislodged from the bottom holder and was bent in half. that aside I'm extremely happy. thanks
average rating 100%
Best purchase ever! 05/12/2021
By Jed @rcwoodfab

The Pegas 21” precision scroll saw is just that...
This saw is packed with quality features and components that you just won’t find on an average saw available in the market today!
Pegas quick change blade clamps, lift arm, dust collection, coated table top, rack and pinion tilting- the list goes on and on! This is a huge upgrade from the DeWalt DW788 I used for 4 years. I’m very happy with this saw as well as all of the accessories and consumables from Bear Woods Supply. 10 out of 10 highly recommend!!
average rating 100%
Perfect 06/21/2023
By Bob Merkle
I recently purchased the Pegus 21 Scroll Saw from your store. From the ordering process to the delivery, everything was smooth and effortless. The machine was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The PegusScroll Saw offers outstanding precision and efficiency, allowing me to work uninterrupted with no distractions. The build quality is remarkable and I feel confident that it will last for many years to come. I'm grateful for such great customer service and a superb product that exceeded expectations.
average rating 80%
Great Saw and supplies 06/01/2022
By Henry Head
I upgraded from an old cheap pinned blade saw to the Pegasus. Such a difference, it's like learning to use a scroll saw all over again but in a good way. The blades are so much smaller. The saw works great and the lifting arm that stays up for blade changes is great. I wish the dust collection holes on the table were a bit bigger, kinda restricts airflow and I was surprised at home much vibration there is at higher speeds. New things to get used to is all. All in all I'm very glad I upgraded to thos great saw.
average rating 100%
Pegas Scroll Saw 03/28/2019
By David Johnson
Overall, an excellent scroll saw. Very solid, large table and no vibration. The Pegas blade clamps add the finishing touch. Bearwoods service was excellent. Had a small issue with the packaging and taking the saw out of the box. Contacted Bearwoods who replied immediately and they then contacted Pegas. A Pegas representative called the next day and resolved the issue. Couldn't have asked for better service. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.
average rating 100%
Absolutey Delighted with My Scroll Saw Purchase 01/02/2024
By Owen Duvall
I did research and read numerous reviews on the Pegas 21-inch scroll saw before deciding to buy one. Not only were the reviews outstanding, but so is the saw: great design, quality finish, and quiet/smooth operation. The customer service also is excellent. The saw was well packaged and arrived in just 3 days. As a bonus when I made my purchase, a free $100 gift was incuded to buy blades and accessories. I rate my overall experience A+++ and have zero regrets!
average rating 80%
Great customer service 01/10/2020
By Dan Reusche
I am giving a little lower rating because the first saw was defective out of the box. It vibrated excessively. However, Bear Woods made sure my experience was excellent by sending me a replacement that works great. I can’t fault the first saw either. Even though the box and packaging were in good shape one never knows what kind of hits the package may have taken. Anyway the new saw is performing quite nicely and I am a satisfied customer.
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 12/03/2021
By Tonya Coindreau
I bought the Pegas Scroll Saw, stand and a chair. Bear wood had my items here within 10 days and I’m in love! My saw is phenomenal if you scroll. I was using a shop fox and it was a struggle to do fine cuts. The Pegas is definitely a game changer and so worth the extra pennies in my book! So glad that I went all in and got the stand and chair too. I can sit there for hours and lose track of time. Best decision ever!
average rating 100%
Very happy 10/22/2022
By Hoyt Anderson
Called customer service to check on my order and a person actually answered the phone scared me for a moment. They were very helpful.The saw is a joy to operate. Had a cheap scroll saw almost made me never wanna try again. Happy I did. The saw was set up and ready to use straight out of the box. No vibration and very quiet. I’m new to using a scroll saw But so far it has been a pleasure. Thank you
average rating 100%
Love love love 10/29/2020
By Diane Gash
I am fairly new to scrolling but knew quickly that I loved doing it. Only a few months after getting my first saw I decided to sell it and upgrade to the Pegas saw. The very best decision I made! I could see the improvement of my cutting right away. Just makes it that much more fun! Customer service from Bear Woods is terrific! I definitely recommend them and the Pegas saw!
average rating 80%
Pegas 21" Scroll Saw and stand 07/13/2019
By Ronald Keen
The specs for the scroll saw are a little misleading. You really can't tilt the head more than about 35 degrees before the blade starts rubbing the table. The stand took some work, as the diagram that came with it is wrong; don't use it as the basis for assembly. I replaced the feet on the stand with some casters that can roll or be raised onto pads, and that works well.
average rating 100%
great quality 06/01/2023
By Jerry Hummel
Quality performance, low vibration, excellent dust collection with shop vacuum, tilting head, sturdy construction, and very easy blade changes. All of these factors are important to me for safety and ease of use. After researching a dozen other scroll saws and watching videos on their use. Pegas was clearly my preference. Very pleased with my choice, a wise decision.
average rating 100%
1,000% satisfied 10/23/2020
By Charles Jackson
I started with a cheap WEN and pulling the trigger on this was night & day. Cuts that would take me 2 minutes to set up before now take me 10-20 seconds max. My only con for this unit is when I'm doing small cuts and my hand is close to the blade, the clamp bolt strikes my knuckles. If that ends up being the only complaint I have, I'll be a very happy scroller!
average rating 100%
Good transition from DeWalt 09/27/2023
By David West
I like the Pegas especially the tensioner which is a plus for me as I am a one armed vet. Wonderful machine well engineered. The one cliche was a broken blade holder turning the machine on for the first time, but no biggie e-mail the distributor and they sent a new one right away. I’m up and running loving the precision and little or no vibration.
average rating 100%
Love it! Worth the Wait 04/24/2021
By MaineOhio
Came packaged very well and ready to run. I can already tell that I’m going to love this machine. Super quiet, very little vibration, positioning for angled cuts is smooth and simple. One of my favorite features is how the arm stays up on its own for blade changes and inside cuts! I know I’m going to love working with this saw. (Love the color!)
average rating 100%
Great Scroll Saw! 03/15/2023
By Steve
Ordered the Pegas Scroll Saw, Stand and Foot Switch. Sue to the foot switch being out of stock, that could not be shipped. However, the scroll saw and stand were delivered quickly. Packaging was solid with no damages. Stand was easy to put together and scroll saw out of the box was ready to use. Excellent service and superb scroll saw.
average rating 100%
Pegas blades 03/28/2019
By George Kennon
The Pegasus Scrollsaw blades are quality blades I absolutely love them I can’t wait for the Pegasus 21 Scrollsaw to get here I should have ordered at the first opportunity but now at least it’s on the way and the wait is killing me since the blades are such high-quality I know the fall will work like I had to stripe thank you Bearwood
average rating 100%
Great Quality 11/16/2019
By donald zanetti
I purchased this after watching Steve Goods video review. I wanted a more precision saw to replace the one I had. I am extremely happy with the purchase. I had a question which I emailed Bear Woods and received answers right away. The saw has no vibration and the blade moves almost vertical which allows extremely small close cuts.
average rating 100%
Delighted with purchase 06/26/2022
By Dietmar Streck
This saw is a definite game changer. It was an upgrade from a DeWalt 788. What a pleasure that the arm stays up during hole changes. Blade tensioning is fast with the flip of the lever. Virtually vibration free and is very quiet. Dust blower works very efficiently. Purchase went well. Received package 8 days after ordering.
average rating 100%
Worth the wait 07/22/2021
Pegas Scrollsaw, I have been scrolling for 50 years and have found what I have been looking for the past years. The saw is sawing with minimal noise. Very quiet and smooth. Easy-to-use and operate. came packed and protected from any damage. The best I have seen. I am very pleased with My New Pegas.
average rating 100%
Very pleased 01/05/2024
By Fred Davison
This is an upgrade from my Dewalt and it has more than meet my expectations. Great quality and blade changes are easier and faster. Saw arrived in three days and in great condition. Packing was exceptional from Pegas. Fast shipment from Bearwoods. Pegas blades are simply the very best.
average rating 100%
Amazing saw 03/01/2023
By Arnold Beckman
Ordered the 21" Pegas Scroll Saw and I couldn't be happier. This is my first "high end" saw and there is simply no comparison to the 3 other brands I've owned over the years. Smooth, no vibration and blade changes take seconds. Oh, and lightning fast shipping? Yes!
average rating 100%
Great quality 06/14/2024
By Ronnie
I have had my Pegas 21" scrollsaw for a few months and I am very please with it.
Bearwoods was very prompt in shipping and Pegas does a fantastic job of packaging ti insure no damage in shipping. My other saw was a Dewalt and the Pegas is definitely an upgrade.
average rating 100%
Very Happy I Bought It! 11/13/2022
By Dave Bowmaster
This saw is very easy to use. In comparison with the prior saw I had for 10+ years this is a lot quieter and with a lot less vibration. Installing a new blade is very easy, as is adjusting the tension. I've not yet found a down side to this machine.
average rating 80%
Pegas scroll saw 03/27/2019
By john fletcher
Every thing went very well.the shipping pack could have been better,and realise it has probably been handled five times or more.The saw works very well,compared to my other two saw's,Hegner and Eclipse,the pegas,is a good value purchase wise..
average rating 100%
Great 03/10/2023
By Thomas Dugdale
Prompt delivery. Easy set up. Works perfectly. A lot better than my Dewalt. Bevel cuts are easy. Blade changes are quick. For portraits which involves disconnecting and reconnecting dozens of times, the self tensioning is a fantastic feature.
average rating 100%
Great quality 10/02/2023
By Jim
I’m impressed by the quality of this machine. I am super fond of the quick and ease of the blade attachment. I also bought the accompanying stand. It is sturdy without any noticeable rocking or vibration. Well worth the extra cost.
average rating 100%
Very happy customer 02/25/2024
By Ronald Brown
The Pegasus is an extremely well built saw and I'm very happy with this purchase. Fast shipping great company, easy to communicate with fast responses. Will definitely be buying more products from this company extremely satisfied
Shipping Details

Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse via UPS - Please pay as instructed at checkout.

Inspection Lamp

Inspection Lamp$77.95


Scroll Saw Stand

Pegas Scroll Saw Stand$129


Beginner Blade Pack

Beginner Blade Pack $61.50


Deadman Foot Switch

Deadman Foot Switch$33.50

Shipping Details

Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse via UPS - Please pay as instructed at checkout.

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