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Mullet High-Speed Cyclone and ThirdHand Boom Arm - Dust Collection

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Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector + Boom Arm Kit

This setup scores you a Mullet Boom Arm PLUS the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector at a $50 discount to the each combined price. Targeted collection with the mobile cyclone pre-separator is the ultimate Mullet setup.

  • Pinpoint dust collection: Position the Mullet Boom Arm wherever you need extra cleanup help with the included articulating StayAndPlay Pivots.
  • Added stability: The Mullet High-Speed Cyclone coupled with your shop vac or dust extractor provides the stable base allowing you to fully extend your Mullet Boom Arm.
  • Debris pre-separation: Over 99% gets captured in the easy-to-dump bin of the Mullet High-Speed Cyclone keeping your vac filter clean and suction strong.

Made in USA of U.S. and imported parts.

Product Features

  • No more clogged filters. 

Parabolic, curved cyclone wall separates out over 99% of dust and debris sending clean air to your shop vac and its thankful filter. Keeps suction strong and your shop vac running in tip top shape.

  • Easy to dump. 

The clear-view lid on the integrated,  5-gallon dump bin with a translucent wall make it easy to tell when it's time for a quick dump.

  • Rigid, air-tight design.

No bolts. No gaskets. And no floppy, corrugated hoses or duct tape. Tug your vac and the Mullet High-Speed Dust Collector together across seams and power cords in unison.

  • Universal vac compatibility. 

Tall, small. Black, orange, yellow, green. It doesn't matter.  The included Mullet® Wet Dry Vac Hose Adapters mate the Mullet High-Speed Dust Collector to virtually ANY wet dry vac on the market and their hoses.

  • Drag it around with your Wet-Dry Vac! 

Just pull on the hose and the vac and Mullett Cyclone will follow you everywhere you go. 

  • Made in USA.

Warranty: Manufacturer offers a limited 1-year warranty. Contact us for more details.

Size: Box is 29" x 16.25" x 12.25"

Weight: 11.2 lbs 

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