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Clock Hands 6" for High Torque Movements, Black

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5 reviews
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Per set of Clock Hands
US NO TAX, Part #: QH-63
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6 inch clock hands to make large clocks, tapered style

The measurement is from the hole where the hands mount onto the high torque shaft, to the tip.  Hour hands are proportionate.

These hands are USA Made of quality aluminum.

Tips for making larger wall clocks:

1. Second hands not included - we don't recommend second hands with high torque movements as they draw too much power.  

2. Still want a second hand? - choose our balanced 10 inch red or black second hands that work with our Continuous Sweep High Torque Motors.

3. Select a high torque movement to go with your hands from the chart below. Or, click here.


Average rating:
average rating 100%
5 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Good hands! 08/11/2021
By John Storck
Thanks to Bear Woods for providing the materials to save an otherwise broken wall clock. The replacement hour and minute hands fit and work perfectly. Moreover, BW's web page makes it so very easy to identify what is needed to restore a clock. Very good service, very good product, and what seems like a truly customer-oriented company.
average rating 100%
Clock movement and hands 07/16/2018
By Heather Janz
I needed a new clock movement and hands but couldn't find what I wanted, until I looked at this website. I found just what I wanted, delivery was quick and now my clock is working beautifully.
It was really easy to put together. I needed to shorten the minute and that was a little hard to do. I am a perfectionist and it bothers me that the ends are slightly different, though probably no one else will notice!! Overall I am very pleased with this product and company.
average rating 100%
Arrived quickly 07/26/2018
By Candice Sheriff
We were so pleased to get our order nice and quickly! It came a couple days before our big show- we were a bit behind on ordering, but so happy to receive in time!
average rating 100%
clock movement and hands 05/08/2018
By Sylvain J.
this is the 3rd time ordering online from Bear Woods. always satisfied and received items within 10 days. good quality products
average rating 100%
Clock parts 12/06/2017
By Sandra Rost
Received in timely manner.

how to choose clock movements and hands

How do I choose the right size clock motor & hands? 
1) Refer to the figure here, or Click Here for helpful info (a new window or tab will open)  

2) The size of hands is based on the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. (Figures 3 & 4) 

3) Our clock motors are sized by the thickness of the dial the movements can go through.  EG. High torque Q-64 will go through up to 5/8" thick material, while standard/mini motor Q-65 will go through 3/8" thick clock faces. (Figure 1 and  item "A" in Figure 2)

Tip 1)  If your material is too thick, consider removing some to in-set the clock.  Or if your clock face material is too thin, consider adding some material behind the face so the hands will sit closer to your clock face. 

Tip 2) Most hands can be slightly trimmed if need be.

Tip 3) Our customers also spray paint them. 

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