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Shimmer Alcohol Ink - Denim (20 ML)

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Part #: P-AI-Shimmer-Denim
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With a hybrid formulation of dye based color and shimmering colored pigments, our new Shimmer Alcohol Ink combines gorgeous translucent color with lustrous shine. The pigments match each of the colors; creating highs and lows of color rather than a simple metallic sheen. Super fine pigments were used, so the colors still flow freely when combined with Blending Solution or alcohol.

Due to the pigments, Shimmer Alcohol inks must be shaken well before using. The pigments naturally settle to the bottom of the bottle; cover and shake as you work with them. A small amount of separation of pigment can happen when blending solution is added – this is normal. These pigment based inks tend to ‘act’ as metallic alcohol ink does, they can sometimes sit on top of other colors and may take a little longer to fully dry.

Use Alcohol Inks on non-porous surfaces like our Waterproof Paper and Panels, or on ceramic or glass. Just a few drops is all it takes to get started as the colors flow and blend easily.

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