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Stand for Pegas Scroll Saw 21 Inch

Average rating:
average rating 93%
18 reviews
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*Ships from warehouse April 2024*

Stand for Pegas 21 inch Scroll Saw - Adjustable

Complete your scroll saw with a stand designed for the saw.  25" adjustable in 2 " Increments up to 31" height and easy to assemble and install your saw.

Why purchase the stand? The main reason will be vibration reduction.  See the How To Tab for a demo video to show how little a properly mounted Pegas Saw will vibrate.

Shipping for the stand on its own will be about $15-20.  Shipping for the Saw is about $80.


Need some help putting your stand together?

(Pegas Scroll Saw Stand Assembly Instructions)

(Pegas Scroll Saw Stand Parts List)

Average rating:
average rating 93%
18 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Totally worth the wait! 05/15/2021
By Nicole Rodgers
I started my scroll saw journey with the harbor frieght scroll saw, then the Menards Masterforce. But, nothing compares to to the Pegas. This saw is so incredibly seamless and smooth the use. The chuck head is a dream to replace blades and for inner cuts. All of my blades last so much longer, and I haven’t broken a blade since I started using it. Having the ability to completely lift the top of the saw for ease of removing material is such a dream come true. I’ve used materials from MDF to pine and hardwoods like walnut and Maple and nothing beats the smooth cuts and lowest vibrations I have ever felt, especially coming from my old saws.

I absolutely love this scroll saw, With the ease of use it really has built a fire in me to make everything I dream up. The scroll saw has helped me build a business I never dreamed of, I can’t wait to see where this Pegas scroll saw takes me. It’s totally worth the wait!
average rating 80%
It's OK, but... 07/12/2019
By Nevada Woodchuck
There's no instructions, just a drawing showing where the parts go. There are holes on the side rails that I've no clue what they are for, they do not line up with the Pegas saw, and are not shown on the drawing. The Pegas saw lines up with the bolts on the top corners, either skip putting them in, or go through the hassle of removing them in order to mount the saw after the stand is assembled. One nice thing about the stand is the adjustable height, I set mine on the lowest setting and mounted the stand onto a movable platform. Turns out that it is the perfect height for sitting down and working. The stand itself is sturdy an support the scroll saw as it should, everything lining up perfectly in order to mount the saw. If there were some instructions regarding the assembly and the top bolts I would have given it five stars. If you buy this for mounting the Pegas, do not throw away the nuts & bolts holding the saw to the wooden shipping support, you'll need them to mount the saw
average rating 100%
Customer service with a very high quality product 09/20/2019
By Mike Holt
I have purchased saw blades from Bear Woods before and received great service and this time was no exception. I wanted to take a step up from my older scroll saw and after reading many reviews, I found the Pegas was what I was looking for. Bear Woods did not disappoint. The saw, stand and pedal all arrived in a timely manner and safely packaged. I unpacked the stand and the saw and everything was just as expected, perfect. After assembling the stand, (I would suggest a better and more detailed instruction sheet for the assembly) the Pegas saw was ready to go right out of the box. I'm very pleased with the saw and the stand. I did not realize how much I was struggling lining up the blade on my old saw until I used the Pegas. I have not found any cons to this saw. A light would be a nice accessory but is not a con. I highly recommend Bear Woods and the Pegas Scroll Saw, Thank you both for making this purchase a very pleasant experience.
average rating 100%
Good quality stand 02/17/2022
I had to wait an additional 2 weeks for this stand as it was back ordered. Once I received it, putting it together was not difficult but a few added instructions might help. For instance, the mid level cross braces need to be installed in the correct sequence for the holes to match up and there is a “right side up” so study the pics to be sure. I bolted to a platform on wheels and the nickel test still shows no major vibration. It’s a good, quality stand.
average rating 100%
Happy 11/07/2021
By Debbie Y.
stand is very good. even tho there wasn't really instructions for putting it together, was able to figure out how went together by the picture.
Michael with to your Facebook and posted some instuctions for assembly of the stand.. eveything aligned up great... Michael
average rating 60%
I want instructions! 04/23/2021
By MaineOhio
As others have written: no instructions, inaccurate drawing, difficult to assemble...I’m still working on it!
YouTube’s exist for other stands...where’s the Pegas? Frustrated...putting it away until tomorrow...
average rating 100%
Great quality 06/13/2022
By Nick Romano
Yes, it’s just pictures to look at, but my wife was able to figure out how to put it together without any problems. Also, she’s not mechanic inclined.

average rating 100%
Great stand 06/26/2022
By Dietmar Streck
The stand is well built and height adjustable. Instructions for the build are a tad vague. Just had to think a little harder. Very happy with purchase.
average rating 100%
Pegas Scroll Saw Stand 03/28/2019
By David Johnson
Great product, very well packaged and perfect service from Bearwoods. Well built and very sturdy. Assembly instructions need to be more detailed.
average rating 80%
What do you say about a stand? 03/28/2019
By Jeff
It's a stand... it was a little difficult at first to get the correct alignment of pieces for assembly, but I eventually figured it out.
average rating 100%
Satisfied Customer 03/03/2024
By LeRoy Ullrich
I ended up purchasing a Pegas Scroll Saw. I am very pleased with the saw. It is smooth running and very easy to operate.
average rating 100%
Nice Stand 11/25/2022
By Thomas LEACH
Shipment arrived on time and in great condition. Seems like a solid stand. Would have liked some height adjustment.
average rating 100%
Great saw 03/23/2023
By Larry Smith
Love the Pegas scroll saw 21” Had a Dewalt before. Should have bought the Pegas to start with. Love the Pegas!!
average rating 100%
Extremely satisfied 03/18/2023
By Eric DeRanieri
All went very well am extremely pleased with my purchasing experience
More to come
average rating 60%
Scrollsaw, 05/19/2021
By Wally Kollmann
I didn’t receive neither of the 2 items ( the Pegas scrollsaw or the stand
average rating 100%
Heavy duty 05/04/2023
By Rod Procter
Very substantial. Pegus saw fited perfectly.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 09/05/2020
By Richard Hybarger
Very happy with product. Very sturdy.
average rating 100%
happy 11/05/2021
By grant mcwilliams
arrive as expected
The stand will come with assembly instructions. In the meantime, watch this video that shows how little vibration comes off the Pegas Scroll Saw.
Shipping Details
Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse.
Shipping Details Shipping Comes directly from our New Jersey Warehouse.

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