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Adapter for Micro Drill Bits - use with Drill or Drill Press (With 3 Collets)

Average rating:
average rating 93%
12 reviews
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Part #: MM-04
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Drill and Drill Press Adapter Pin Chuck Set with 3 Collets

Using our Pin Chuck Set, you can make it easy to use micro drill bits in your hand drill or drill press.

This kit comes with a drill chuck and easy to use adapters you can slide them in and out as needed while being efficient.

These sets are all steel construction with a shaft diameter of 6.4 mm. It comes with 3 collets: 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm

Check out this video for product usage.

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Average rating:
average rating 93%
12 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 60%
adapter has significant runout 12/07/2020
By Graham
Although the micro drills appear to be excellent, my adapter has significant runout. The drill point therefore describes a circle which, for the smaller drills, is many times the drill diameter. I did get the work done by starting the drill in an awl mark and gritting my teeth over the bow in the spinning bit. Maybe my adapter was just a bad one? Maybe a good one would cost more money?
average rating 80%
Good Drills, Weird variety 06/26/2020
By William Kralik
The drills I was able to use were quality, but I'd prefer a variety of blades that are in the sizes used by scroll sawyers. Well over half of these are smaller that can be used fr scrolling. They are more the sizes used by jewelers. I'd suggest a variety pack that are more in the 70s for value to the scroll sawyer
average rating 100%
Product as expected 02/08/2021
By Graham Davies
The product is as described and met my needs. I bought the drill bit assortment, SKU: MM-05, and it works fine with the bits I needed (which weren't the smallest) and my home-made drill press. I'm not sure you'd be able to use drills this small in a hand-held drill, but that's nothing to do with the product.
average rating 100%
Very satisfied 04/15/2020
By Timothy Turpen
The adapter was chosen because of the larger diameter shank. 1/4" shank will not bend easily like the other one I have now (1/8"). Once bent even slightly it would be useless. The price is low and very affordable.
average rating 100%
Happy customer great quality 04/07/2023
By Kim
This is the only place I have found that has the micro size drill bits for the scroll sawer. Great customer service and great quality products. Very happy customer Thank you to Bear Woods
average rating 100%
Finally! 06/17/2020
By Thomas Prohaska
I have been looking for something like this for years. So happy! I have a bunch of wire bits down to size #80. Now I can actually use them.
average rating 100%
Happy customer fantastic quality 11/01/2021
By gerard aucoin
That scroll saw is a pleasure to work with. I have had a dewalt for 10 years. While the saw was very good. This saw is great
average rating 100%
Happy Camper 12/29/2019
By Rob Ruth
works great just like I expected it to. As always another top quality item from you.
average rating 80%
Wrong size 05/18/2020
By Jeff Smith
Bits were too small for what I needed but they seem to be good quality.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 11/05/2021
By gerard aucoin
Love the new scrollsaw. Great quality
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 04/30/2021
By Charles Stinchcomb
Great adaptor reasonable price
average rating 100%
As described 01/20/2020
By William Gehring
Good quality
Check out this video for product usage.


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