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The 'Little Choo Choo' Woodworking Plan (Approx. 22")

The 'Little Choo Choo' Woodworking Plan (Approx. 22")
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average rating 90%
2 reviews
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Child size wooden toy train patterns

Build child size wooden train sets with precision drafted plans by Toys and Joys that fold out as blueprints with measurements and templates for all the parts

  • Complete, At-A-Glance materials list to teach you how to make a wooden model train that will be about 22" long when completed
  • Easy to follow plans, templates, and instructions to build wooden model trains
  • You may also like the popular mini series from Toys and Joys


Buy wood toy parts, wooden wheels, game pieces | Bear Woods Supply

Purchase some beautifully crafted parts to help make your wooden train model a success!

This chart shows the parts called for by the pattern

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3) Prices are for the quantity noted with each item - Buy more to save more.    Eg. AP-090 is an axle peg we sell in bags of 25 pegs for $2.50.  Add to Cart Quantity of 1 will get you 25 pieces of axle pegs for $2.50.  To see discounts per item, click the links below.

Note: many of the quantities we supply are for great wholesale value - you can use these parts toward many Toys and Joys Plans or your own designs!

Wood Axle Pegs for Wood Toys | Bear Woods SupplyWooden Axle Pegs & Axle Caps
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How many pieces needed?

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AP-090 Wood Axle Pegs For 3/16 Wheel Hole, 5/8" Long Tenon

Bag of 25 for $2.50 or less 

AP-100S Wood Axle Pegs For 1/4" Wheel Hole, 1-1/16" Long Tenon

Bag of 25 for $2.50 

Wooden Plugs | Bear Woods SupplyWood Mushroom Screwhole Buttons 

(Click to see our massive selection and volume discounts for up to 100,000 pieces, or quick order below)

SB-037-10PC Screw hole buttons, Birch, fits 3/8" hole

Bag of 10 for $2 

Contoured Wooden Toy WheelsContoured Wood Wheels | Bear Woods Supply

(Click to see the whole selection + quantity discount prices, or Add To Cart below)

TW-100 Wooden Toy Wheels 1" X 3/8" (1/4" Hole)

Per bag of 25 for $3.00 

TW-125 Wooden Wheels 1-1/4" x 3/8" (1/4" Hole)

Per bag of 25 for $4.50 

TW-150 Wooden Model Car Wheels 1-1/2" x 1/2" (1/4" Hole)

Per bag of 25 for $5.50 

Wood Model Train Wheels | Bear Woods SupplyWooden Train Wheels and Smokestacks

(Click to see entire selection or quick order below)

SS-330 Wooden Smoke Stacks 1-5/8” x 3-1/4” Tall (3/4” diameter tenon)

Per Piece for $1.29 
Buy wood toy parts, wooden wheels, game pieces | Bear Woods SupplyWe Stock Dozens of styles and sizes of wooden toy wheels, axle pegs, little people and other parts to make your woodworking projects a success. Check out the whole wooden wheel and toy parts selection.
The 'Little Choo Choo' Woodworking Plan (Approx. 22")
Average rating:
average rating 90%
2 reviews

Write a review Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

The 'Little Choo Choo' Woodworking Plan (Approx. 22")
average rating 80%
Love my tràin
Adorable pattern. But could it be available in digital format?
The 'Little Choo Choo' Woodworking Plan (Approx. 22")
average rating 100%
Good job!

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