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Wood Burning Deluxe Starter Kit with 9 Removable Tips by Colwood USA

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Part #: WB-PACK2
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Deluxe Professional Wood Burning Kit: Colwood Detailer with 9 Pyrography Tips

Get one of the best professional wood burning kits! 

This kit comes with one of Colwood’s best-selling wood burning machines - the Colwood Detailer. This machine gives you the best deal for your dollar without skimping on any of the quality.

The Detailer has reliable and consistent heat with the ability to burn the most popular wood burning surfaces out there. It comes with a high-powered handpiece cord that is perfect for burning shading and fine details, as well as line art and lettering. The cord terminal makes a strong connection for that reliable heat and makes changing cords simple.

The replaceable-tip handpiece that comes in this kit is ergonomically friendly. The handpiece (also known as a wand or pen) has a lightweight design and small profile that takes stress off your hand, while the cork sleeve protects your fingers from the heat of the burn. This pen design also keeps your fingers closer to the tip, allowing you more control over your burn. The replaceable-tip handpiece also allows you to expand your tip collection while keeping storage to a minimum.

Speaking of tips, you also get 9 professional grade wood burning tips with this kit. These specialty tips are individually crafted to get fine lines, clean lettering, and smooth shading. When you are creating with these tips, the sky is the limit!

This professional wood burning kit also includes the EZ tip puller - which makes switching nibs a breeze. Simply squeeze and pull, and you are ready to insert a new tip!

You also get cleaning accessories! The cleaning cloth easily knocks off the large carbon build up from your wood burning tips and helps you keep burning at each tips hottest potential. The honing cloth cleans off the fine buildup that the cleaning cloth can’t get.

You are going to love burning with these tools. Get ready to skyrocket your pyrography hobby or business with this professional wood burning kit!

WHAT'S INCLUDED with the Wood Burning Value Bundle:


  • Colwood Detailer Professional Wood Burning Machine
  • Replaceable-Tip Handpiece
  • EZ Tip Puller
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Honing Paper
  • 9 Wood Burning Tips, including:
  1. WB-BLarge Point Tip (1/4”) - Largest of the straight point tips which can be used for doing straight lines of varying weight or outlining.
  2. WB-CWriting Tip - useful for any curved lines or marks. Used for burning plaques and designs, and for signs.
  3. WB-D–Small Round Tip (3/16”) - Tips Bent on an Angle can be used for a variety of shading purposes without putting your hand in an awkward position.
  4. WB-JTight Round Tip - Allows you to easily make straight or curved lines in a tight radius, and it can also be laid flat on its side and used as a shader in tight spaces.
  5. WB-SShading Tip (3/16”) 
  6. WB-KSmall Point Tip (5/32”)
  7. WB-MCMicro Writing Tip - Similar to a fine ballpoint pen. Each tip is individually ground and polished. This Micro Writing tip is used for extremely fine writing, raising a duck bill's nostrils, indenting around a duck bill nail, carving wrinkles, on birds and fish, modeling around eyes, modeling bird feet, finishing the center shaft of feathers, and signing.
  8. WB-MRMicro Rounded Heel Tip (3/32”) 
  9. WB-C1Small Calligraphy Tip (1/8”) - Great tip for Shading & Highlighting. Useful for all kinds of typography or writing.

We also offer the Detailer in a kit with 5 Tips if you are looking for options.

This control unit is design to operate on 120V and NOT intended for use in countries where 220V is the standard.

220V units are available by special order, click here for more information.

Average rating:
average rating 100%
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Happy customer 12/15/2023
By melodee myatt
This wood burning kit works great! Temperature gets hot very quickly but cools down quickly too. The tips are easy to change out and the quality is great. Highly recommend. If I have one complaint it would be the tips that are available are not all stocked and some of them I wanted to by as singles were not available through bear wood.
average rating 100%
Great Quality 11/02/2023
By Kenya Bailey
Game changer for my new found hobby. This is the real deal! Thanks
average rating 100%
Great quality 02/09/2023
By Mark Niblettt
I received this on time and it works great thanks.
average rating 100%
Happy and great quality 04/26/2024
By Jeremy Warnock
Best I’ve had yet love the product

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