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Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - For Excalibur type saws

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average rating 95%
175 reviews
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Upgrade your Scroll Saw with Pegas Blade Chuck Heads - 40% lighter, Less Vibration.

See list below for compatibility - This version also works with DeWalt and Delta models listed below.

Upper and Lower Scroll Saw Blade Clamp Replacement Set.  These new “Blade Chuck Heads” (also known as Scroll Saw Blade Clamps) were developed in Switzerland by Pégas in association with the HEIG engineering school in Yverdon. 
The studies and the tests demonstrated that the weight of these heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine.

1) These new heads, manufactured with aeronautical aluminum for resilience and optimal weight, are 40 % lighter than you original Heads. 

2) Vibration will be greatly reduced

3) Changing Blades is easier and faster

4) Better protection of the mechanical parts of the scroll saw.

As you can see, they are clearly more compact than original heads and even easier of use. The assembly of these new Heads is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Note - The Set Screws and Thumb Screws are wear parts on any blade clamps, and should be replaced every few months or couple of years depending on how much you use your scroll saw - Click here to see our selection of renewal kits.

Blade Chuck Version Comparison Components

Suitable For Which Saws

Reviews and Assembly Instructions

The Original
Top and Bottom Scroll Saw Blade Clamps plus Tension Lever

Suitable for all EXCALIBUR (green, Anniversary and black models), EXCELSIOR, SEYCO ST-21 and KING Scroll Saws.  Lots of people are already loving them for the DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 as well.

Review by Steve Good.



Top and Bottom Clamp replacement (No tension lever as there is one at the front of these saws) For DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 Review by Steve Good.



Bottom Blade Clamp replacement. (Want to change both clamps? Order the Original. JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw.  See Steve's comments in the post on the Original. Review by Steve Good. 

All parts are included to make this quick and simple scroll saw blade clamp replacement. Steve Good's review also shows how to remove your existing blade clamps and install the new one.



Aeronautical Grade Aluminum clamp.

There is a swivel on the end of the thumb screw that contacts with the blade. Instead of the blade spinning when you tighten it down, the swivel stays in place on the blade allowing the thumb screw to rotate without turning the blade.

Renewal Kits also available - to replace the components that come into contact with the blade.  Click here to order some.

Average rating:
average rating 95%
175 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Great quality, fast delivery 06/17/2020
By Abelardo Senal
I forgot the dates already but my order arrived four days later. This for me is very fast, an amazing service considering that I am from the Philippines and right at the middle of Quarantine lockdown where I live! Super! Thank you. I will surely place an order again.
average rating 100%
Fantastic quality 10/25/2020
By Marvin Huddleston
These blade holders have renewed my Scrollsaw and it operates better than new! These have ended slipping blades and the frequent broken blades on my Excalibur 21! I am a completely happy camper!
average rating 100%
Excellent quality, fast service 11/27/2021
By Robert Fredrick
I have a Jet 22" scroll saw, and was having trouble with blades slipping from the upper blade holder. The Jet factory was not able to diagnose the problem. I replaced the spring (and I think another part, but I can't remember which one), but that did not solve the problem. It was after that I decided to purchase the Pegas scroll saw chuck head kit.

Everything comes in a plastic case that holds the parts in foam. I am a woodworker but not much of a mechanic, but I found the installation intuitive. Actually, the most difficult part was removing the old lower blade holder because it was somewhat stuck and hard to get an allen wrench into that tight space. I made more room by tilting the saw, and everything went smoothly after that.

The Pegas heads work great. I am used to threading the blade from the bottom up, so I still do that. It's easy to tighten blades in both the lower and upper holders, then flip the lever up to tighten the blade. The saw is working great since the upgrade.
average rating 100%
Amazing 11/26/2019
By Steven Hauser
I teach technology education and have a Hegner, an old 440 delta scroll saw, excalibur and a pegas saw(recently purchased) as part of my tech shop. The excalibur scroll saw was lying around like a shiny paper weight that never really held blades until I installed the Pegas chuck. Thanks to the Pegas chuck the Excalibur saw has been rejuvenated to a fine working, low vibration saw. Students use this saw daily in an inconsistent manner, pushing too hard sometimes with only one blade slipping off over a month. The new chuck makes the excalibur more enjoyable to use then the expensive Hegner that is sitting next to it. The Hegner is a great sturdy saw however the table is smaller and runs a little rougher. The trick with the Pegas chuck is only make it hand tight and it will hold the blade fine. I believe once you start wrenching the clamp down too tight that is when it will ruin. Finally the red anodized color makes this chuck really cool. BTW the old Delta is one of the most precis
average rating 100%
Great Product 07/27/2019
By Jeff Vortisch
I purchased a new Seyco ST-21 in January of this year. I love the saw but very disappointed in the upper and lower blade holders. I never could figure out just how to easily to put either the top or bottom blades back into the holders. Sometimes it took close to a half a minute for get the top blade back into the saw. I heard about these replacements and based on the cost I hesitated in getting them. Finally two weeks ago I ordered them, They arrived on Tuesday and I installed them on Wednesday. I absolutely have to say this was the best money I have ever spent. This made my saw exactly what I wanted. The blade changes or now so simple and easy. I loved my saw before but now I would not trade it for any thing. And as a side note, I was considering the Pegas with the Seyco when I ordered my saw. I choose the Seyco only because of the table size. Thanks again for offering this great product.

Jeff in South Carolina
average rating 100%
Pegas Heads 03/25/2018
By Rodney Trezise
I replaced my original Excalibur blade holding heads with the Pegas ones. Very quick and easy to install.
The Pegas heads are less cumbersome and a bit easier to use than the original items.
The Pegas heads also seem to tighten the blade to the correct tension when flipping the tension lever. My original excalibur heads didn't seem to tension enough. I was always tightening the tension knob at the back of the machine by about 1/8th to a 1/4 of a turn to get the blade tight enough. I don't have to do this with the Pegas heads, just flip the lever and cut.
This makes the whole process a lot quicker, particularly with internal cuts where the blade is constantly being installed etc.
Good quality item and well made.
average rating 100%
An improvement for sure 08/10/2021
By Robert A Kruszewski
I replaced these on my Excalaiber Scrollsaw. One of the top screws had to be rubbed with wax to get it to screw in , ot really was a tight fit. The top handle, tensioner, while holding the blade in tension seems to have 2 positions. While it stays in the first back position, it does not in the all the way back & down.( not sure if it is supposed to?). It is so easy and light to the touch that you would think it wound not hold, but it does! However it greatly improved the performance of my Excalaiber. I do not struggle changing blades or scroll sawing.Those little pivots on the blade holders are a great asset in holding the scroll saw blades too! I could use them my Hawk G4. Thank You, Robert.
average rating 100%
It was all good!! 10/08/2020
By Rod Martinez
I purchased the Pegas blade chucks and they are great the packaging and delivery was outstanding!! I have an old EX30 and didn't use it for over a year cause the blade kept slipping out. I started scrolling in 1980 with an rbi hawk got purty good at it and started selling them at fairs and trade shows. after wearing out 3 rbi hawks I tried a Hegner in 1990 and started selling those I was given the EX30 and didn't like it. Now that I got the blade chucks from ya'll it much better I use it for the long things and my Hegners for most everything else my chair has wheels so I have them down low! Cheers to a Job well done!!
average rating 100%
Love these chuck heads 08/31/2023
By Robert Fredrick
I have a Jet scroll saw, and I replaced the original heads with the Pegas. They come packaged in a plastic case with foam protection. I'm not a great mechanic, but I found installing these new chuck heads to be an intuitive process. The most difficult part was removing the screws from the old heads.
The Pegas heads hold the blade securely in both the upper heads, and changing the blade is quick, requiring no tools.
If you are thinking of upgrading your scroll saw with the Pegas heads, stop thinking and order!
Bear Woods fills orders quickly and they have a great customer service department.
average rating 100%
Product and Service Satisfaction. 08/16/2018
By David Gandy
I ordered the new Pegas Blade Chuck on Aug. 10th, and received it and some blades on Aug. 15th.
The product was well packed, and easy to remove.
I did have an issue with removing one of the bearings

that was in the saw, but once I got it out, everything went great.
The hardest part of using the chuck is learning just how easy it is to operate.. No slip, no loss of tension.
When I inured about the product, the people at Bear Woods were very helpful.
Very happy with mdse. and service I received from Bear. I highly recommend them.

Dave Gandy
average rating 100%
Pegas Heads 08/07/2018
By Charles Green
They do improve my saw!!! I was able to cut out one compound cut rose leaf, both sides with one blade. Before I had to use two blades. I did not have any release problems from the tension lever. They took off about 5-8 minutes in cut time for each leaf. There is no side give when cutting the thicker side of the pattern which creates a square cut resulting in the finished piece just falling apart. There was also no problem with heat burning the material. I am very satisfied with the performance of the saw since attaching the heads. I will recommend them to my friends. Thank you.
average rating 100%
High quality 08/22/2019
By Robert Stavis
Outstanding product. Makes blade changing easier. Blade is very secure, retaining proper tension. I have no reluctance about releasing the blade to make an interior cut because I know how easy it is to re-secure it. Installation was easy, although some instructions would have been nice. It was harder to remove my old chuck heads than to install the new ones. The new heads arrived very timely and very well packaged. A high quality product that has helped me with scroll sawing. I will certainly do additional business with Bear Woods. Excellent product and excellent company.
average rating 100%
Fantistic 12/10/2018
By Harry Webb
I ordered these chuck heads by Pegas and hoped that they would make a difference. What I found is that they make a huge difference in so many ways. The saw runs quieter, there is less vibration, and finally, I can now see where the blade goes in the chuck. I can't understand why the scroll saw manufacturers don't use a similar approach. They were quite easy to install and I noticed such a difference right away. Well worth the price. I saw one review that said there was not much difference...I seriously object to this opinion.
average rating 100%
Excalibur Heads 09/26/2018
By James Reitz
Fixed problems scroll saw had since purchase. My saw was made just before Excalibur disappeared from market place. The pegas heads fixed most of the quaility problems from manufacturer. Wish I'd found them 2+ years ago. Thats Steve Good for reviewing this product. The Pegas blades are another joy. Been using FD for many years. For some reason the last couple orders of FD blades have suffered from quality problems. Again, the Pegas Blades are really great!
average rating 100%
Excellent quality and easy to install 03/06/2019
By Anna R.
I have an Excelsior 16" scroll saw and do a lot of fretwork. My original chuck head had worn out and I was told that in order to replace some or all of the parts, I'd have to order each piece separately! When I saw the Peas complete set, I ordered it for its simplicity and Pegas' reputation for quality. It really was easy to install and it's easy to use - no more fiddling to get the blade to hold and tension properly. The order was received promptly too.
average rating 100%
Pegas Blade Chuck Heads 03/04/2019
By Steve
Installed easily and worked great the first time I used them. Noticed an immediate improvement over the Excalibur clamps. Worth the price to not have to worry about blade slippage.
Need to provide instructions on how to install/adjust the screw/thumb screw to get the correct setup to clamp the blade. I have used and adjusted my Excalibut saw for years and knew the procedure. It may be a little different for the Pegas clamps.
average rating 100%
It works 05/25/2018
By Roberta Moreton
When I bought my EX 21, I had problems with the blade slipping, tension relaxing, I replaced the top white tension thing, no help. I sanded the ends of my blades, no help. I hated my Saw.
I should have kept my old one.
Then I bought the Pegas Chuck Heads. Now my EX runs so much better! It is like finally getting the saw I was expecting when I bought my EX!
All problems solved! Easy to use, works every time! Thank You!
average rating 100%
Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas 08/01/2018
By Bryce Landenberger
I'm very happy with these heads. My old heads were getting somewhat worn and had a tendency to release mid-cut. These were easy to install and seem to work very well. While it is somewhat subjective they appear to reduce the vibration, but what is clear is that the flip lever appears to engage more easily and does not give any indication that they will slip like my old heads. In my case it was money well spent.
average rating 100%
Pegas Clamps 10/14/2018
By Gayle Mortenson
Purchased these recently and they arrived with a bolt missing. After emailing, the bolt was couriered to me promptly - great service! These clamps exceeded my expectation - my saw is now fun to use. They make blade changing easy and the EX21 is now rapidly becoming my favourite to use after gathering dust for a year or more. I will recommend these clamps and Bear Wood to anyone interested
average rating 80%
Replacement ends 05/06/2018
By Milton Moon
Do you have replacement set screws and tips. Same problem as with original parts on Excalibur saw. The clamp (top does seem to work better, but bottom clamp worked better for a while, but now blades are slipping. I am a top feeder. Approximately 1000 cuts on clamp. Thought servo repair screw and tip would work, but it is shorter. Are replacement sets available?
average rating 100%
Hank 10/02/2018
By Henry Worden
The Pegasus blade clamps far exceeded my expectations. They highly improved the slight vibration of my saw that I was not aware of until they were installed and in use. I highly recommended them for any saw they might fit. I do wish they had some instructions to work with. Even without the instructions the clamps were not difficult to install.
average rating 80%
Pegas Chucks. 04/19/2019
By Bob Tucker
The Pegas Chuck Heads are doing what I was told they would do. I saw about four hours a day and I wanted chucks that would hold up. Time well tell the story. Shipping was to long. It took 9 days. Most other things I order I can get in about a week. Question: Do you sell just the insert to these chucks as well?

Bob T.
average rating 100%
Pegas blade chuck 01/14/2019
By freeman pascal
Installed on my saw was very quick and easy. I would give it 6 stars if I could. I thought I had a new saw. What I like most is the ease of changing blades. I can see the top of the blade to clamp it. To say that it is the best thing since sliced bread and bottled beer is an understatement. Would I recommend it to other scrollers? yes
average rating 100%
Chuck heads 06/22/2018
By Joe Collar
Very impressed with the packaging that the scroll saw Chuck heads came in. I immediately put them on which was very easy to do. Turning my saw on I could see immediately that there was less vibrations than with the old heads. I feel that these replacement heads is the
well worth the price I paid for it thank you very much
average rating 100%
Thanks! 12/06/2018
By Nick de Vries
What a difference your Chuck Heads make to our scroll saw experience! My wife makes wooden artwork and I make the frames. After a few months feeling a bit depressed about blades breakages, I decided to surprise her with the Pegas chuck heads, now she is powering through the stock and enjoying herself again - smiling...
average rating 100%
Blade chuck 05/18/2024
By Terry Muller
Blade chuck is a pegas product and is of the highest quality. Bear Wood customer service is a complete joke. After multiple tries, both phone and email they DO NOT RESPOND. A snail mail letter to the owner received no response. Buy your pegas blade clamps from Pegas direct and avoid Bear Wood completely.
average rating 100%
Pegas chuck heads 10/08/2018
By Lawrence Armstrong
Purchased a set for my Excalibur EX-21. Amazing difference from the stock blade clamps. Noticeably less vibration plus changing and clamping blades is a breeze. A very high quality product compared to the stock Excalibur versions. I highly recommend these as a must have item for any serious scroller!
average rating 80%
Pegas clamps 02/15/2018
By Kenneth Muzylowsky
The set came packaged really and it was simple to install. I have only used the new clamps for a couple of hour but they do seem to be a little easier to use for my arthritic hands. Like Steve Good said I don't see a noticeable difference in vibration. Overall I am happy with the clamps early on.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 02/15/2021
By Keith Ossello
The product is great. Thought about these for about a year but felt the price and usage did not justify. I gave the DeWalt and decided it was time to upgrade. These clamps and blade tensioner make inside cuts so much faster and enjoyable. Sorry I waited so long thank you for a great product.
average rating 100%
Very happy customer 09/18/2019
By James McGuire
The chuck is unbelievable simple to install and works great. What an improvement on my King Canada 30 inch saw. Love the feature where I can see how the blade sits in the holder and know the set screw is right in place. Should of bought this 6 months ago and saved myself a ton of issues.
average rating 100%
Great Product 01/07/2024
By Steve Marineau
I had seen many people talking about this head and wondered if it was as good as they said. It is! Easy to install and easy to change blades, and reduced some of the vibration. If you are looking to replace the head on your scroll saw, I would recommend the Pegas. It is money well spent.
average rating 100%
Nice update 04/10/2018
By Sherman O Loges
Got these clamps installed, then took them for a test drive was amazed at how smooth the cut was. Part of the improvement was due to the fact that the original lower blade holder was damaged from the use of pliers to get the blade to stay put, resist.

average rating 100%
Pegas Chucks 02/03/2019
By Jimmy Prince
It is amazing how much better my 7 year old saw works with these chucks. I have changed out the factory chucks several times over the years but never got the performance these Pegas chucks provide. Blade changes are MUCH easier and quicker. Vibration was significantly reduced.
average rating 100%
Amazing! 10/28/2022
By David Goldsmith
I’ve been scroll sawing for a while with an entry level machine. Recently I got a better machine but wasn’t satisfied with the blade holding so upgraded with Pegas and my dreams came true! Quality product and on time delivery! Highly recommend product AND BEAR WOODS!!
average rating 100%
Pegas chuck heads 06/22/2018
By JAMES Green
Read advertisement in magazine and decided to try them. Very happy I made the move. Had already replaced the chuck heads once due to wear and felt I was getting close to another change. Lessened vibration was notable. Blade changes are easier. Worth the investment!!
average rating 100%
Very satisfied 12/28/2022
By Mary McDougale
No problems with ordering, shipping was at a decent time. Adding this product to my dewalt was really nice. Love the tension. As my old tension was slipping and parts needed replaces holding the blade. Installation was easy as well. Thanks for a great product.
average rating 100%
Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas 05/15/2018
By Carl Hefford
I am very pleased with the Scroll Saw Chuck Heads for my Scroll Saw. They were very simple to install and they work flawlessly. Bear Woods Canada provided excellent service and it was unexpectedly quick getting shipped and I received it before expected. Thanks
average rating 100%
Pegas Scroll Saw Chuck Heads 10/15/2018
By Tony Halley
Just to let you know that the clamps for my Excalibur EX21 fitted perfectly and simply! They have decreased the vibration and improved the ease of blade changing no end!! Thanks to your great Customer Service team for providing great service to Australia!!
average rating 100%
ex16 blade clamps 10/18/2018
By tom mullen
after 4 years and thousands of cuts, the blade clamp finally stripped out. i had read lots of good of the pegas clamps. replacement was simple and easy. getting the blade into the clamps is extremely easier than the stock clamps. great purchase for sure!
average rating 100%
Excellent Replacement 12/28/2023
By Larry Bridges
These chuck heads are an excellent replacement for the original ones on my Delta 690. They make blade changes and re-tensioning much easier and quicker. Plus Bear Woods were quick to respond to my question about them fitting on my Delta scrollsaw.
average rating 100%
AWESOME 12/23/2019
By Colette Fondren
I ordered the pegasus replacement head for my EX 21 and I LOVE IT!!I I love in Louisiana and the shipping from Bear Woods always comes super fast even with the standard option. I trust Bear Woods 100% and every thing I order it top quality. Thanjs
average rating 100%
scroll saw chuck heads by pegas 12/11/2018
By claude rivet
I have and old excalibbur scroll saw with no quick blade change . Ordered and installed the Pegas chuck on it . It was very easy to install and it works great . The chuck is made with precision and of quality metal . I'm completely satisfied .
average rating 60%
Love the head if the are would not keep poping up and releasing the blade tension 02/13/2024
By William Halterman
I love your pegas Scroll saw Chuck head except the blade tension release arm keeps poping up and releasing the tension. If it wasn't for that I would love it
and I'm wondering if it has a defect. Would give it a 5 star if not for the problem
average rating 100%
Happy customer and great quality 01/24/2023
By Kim Salm
My scroll chuck head is perfect it was very easy to install and holds the blades great. The customer service was very helpful and polite. Thank you I hope I do not need anymore parts but if I do Bearwoids will be where I get them. Thank you
average rating 100%
Customer Service 08/04/2022
By jim farr
Seldom do you find a company with fantastic customer Service anymore but Bear Woods went above and beyond to help me with a problem. I will continue to purchase any items that they stock for my scolling needs
Thanks, Mike and Bear Woods
average rating 100%
Nice upgrade 03/01/2022
By Marv
This is a great upgrade. I replaced the heads on my Seyco scroll saw with these and I'm happy I did. These are very well made, they run smoothly and are easy to change blades or un-clamp and clamp while feeding blades for fretwork.
average rating 100%
Scroll saw addict 04/16/2018
By David Hemenway
With the new heads I can now wear out a blade before breakage and do not have to tighten up the blade with the back adjustment on my Excalibur scroll saw. They may seem a bit pricey but you sure do get what you pay for, Thanks
average rating 80%
scroll saw chuck heads 12/03/2018
By Gregory DeLong
needed these for my old excaliber saw. i was able to install them within 15 minutes or less and am very pleased with how they work. My old chucks were worn and kept popping up on me. So far no problems with the pegas chuck heads
average rating 100%
Happy indeed'! 03/16/2021
By David Adamson
Great product, makes the scroll saw much easier to use. Would like to see a round knob on the upper unit instead of the wings.makes for easier using especially if doing a lot of inside cutting.Am very happy with the upgrade.
average rating 80%
Pegas Chuck Heads 01/22/2019
By Dennis Knappen
I installed them on the EX21. Installation took about 30 minutes. I wish there was instructions in the package as I had to look online. The performance is great with no blade slippage. I have yet to cut thick wood.

Thanks to Miter Mike - Michael Anthony Murray for this great install video.

Thanks to Cass from Stone Mill and Co - for this great install video.

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